are dre beat studios better than the new mixr's?

my sister has been researching Beats By Dre headphones and says the Mixr's are better than the more expensive Studio's, the sturdiness (from what she said Studio's would commonly break at the top of the arch) and sound, so I was just wondering why if the Mixr's are so much better why are they cheaper, and if what my sister says is true or if she's just blowing smoke

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  • Jethro
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    9 years ago
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    She's just blowing smoke. I own Beats Studio and Pro. I can tell you they suck. The whole product line sucks. Trust me. They are fashion accessories. Overpriced fashion accessories due to the celebrity name that is attached to them. You think you are buying an awesome product when you aren't. You are buying OK headphones for a PRIME headphone price. The price of the Beats should only be $50, but because of the celebrity name that is attached to them, it goes up to about $250.

    Now, let me tell you this:

    Yeah, they really suck. They're overpriced, too. Try Sennheisers, Shures, AKGs, Grados, Beyerdynamics, Etymotics, ATHs, Bose. These are better and some are cheaper (although Bose is expensive). Sennheiser is the most affordable, I think. I own a bunch of Sennheisers (HDs 201, 280 PRO, 428 and 448) and they sound way better than Beats.

    Beats are just overpriced fashion accessories. Same goes to Skullcandy, Soul by Ludacris, etc. They're sh^t. I have friends who are audiophiles. I also have friends who are gullible, and they have Beats, Soul by Ludacris and Skullcandy. When we got together to compare our headphones, I compared my Sennheiser HD 280 PRO to a Beats Pro, and the Beats was just blown away. And you won't believe it, my HD 280's worth $99.99 (I bought it at that price) and the Beats Pro is like, $300ish? Its not worth the money.

    Oh, and don't tell me that I am jealous or cheap. I have Beats Studio and Pros too, so, yeah I'm not cheap/jealous :)) I already sold my Studios.

    Source(s): Owner of HDs 201, 280 PRO, 428, 448, Beats Studio and Pro
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