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Watch Olympics Gymnastics London 2012?

I missed the event and I want to watch it online

I'm interested in the womens uneven bars and the floor exercices especially. Sites like nbc or abc or ctv have clips but where can i find the full event? thanks!

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    If you're not in the UK and want to watch Olympics events on BBC online, uninterrupted by commercials and annoying commentary, and best of all, LIVE:

    1. Download this free British proxy:

    2. Press "connect" to start the proxy. when you want to stop, press "disconnect"

    3. Check the easy to use schedule and pick which specific sporting event to watch. You can choose to watch literally any past event you want to watch:

    You can even rewatch the full, uncut, and uninterrupted Olympic Ceremony in HD, here, on BBC:

    And the closing ceremony:

    Your welcome. Spread the word.

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    i recognize observing the Olympics, besides the undeniable fact that because i'm in Australia each and every thing may be at stupid o'clock for me :( i'd be observing as a lot as i will! I have a buddy who became once an elite gymnast (in reality neglected Olympics as a results of damage), and so we are going to watch the ladies's gymnastics jointly. i will also watch the diving because i recognize Matthew Mitcham! And the equestrian as a results of the undeniable fact that is continuously interesting. I avert the swimming like the plague because of the quantity of hype it receives right here, yet i'd be conserving a watch on James Magnussen! Rowing, archery, capturing, per chance slightly the tennis, per chance the pole vault and countless the field activities...oh, and the cycling for sure, Cadel will educate all those who's boss and nobody receives on the point of Anna Meares contained in the velodrome! i'm a discern skater so my customary pastime isn't contained in the summer season video games ;)

  • Event Finals Day 2: Men Still Rings, Women Uneven Bars, Men Vault

    Event Finals Day 3: Men Parallel Bars, Women's Balance Beam, Men's High Bar, Women's Floor Ex:

    (3 hrs 55min, so I assume it's all routines - I did have to move up the circle on the )

    I searched the nbc olympics site under the Select a Sport tab, then choosing gymnastics, then choosing video. I had to go to gymnastics videos 169 - 189 of 407 to find full coverage rather than highlights.

    Good luck searching for any others you want. Or email me in my profile if you get stuck.

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    Wait Hold on keep holding lol now go to Youtube and search and watch and enjoy :)

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    If you have comcast it's on demand

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