How do you become a good student in English like a 70 percent students?

See in math you open a chapter look at a formula and see the many ways you can manipulate the formula and you use it in a test or quiz plus my dad taught me algebra in grade 3

now I am 90 percent holder in math but i can get 70 to 89.9999 lol

anyway I want to become a good essay writer how do I do that


please suggest a good novel i like horror story or murder

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    8 years ago
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    Read many novels

    Books of famous well-known writers and authors

    Make it a habit

    Like reading Shakespeare or Charles Dickens novels

    or Nicholas Sparks

    ..just an example.

    and practice your English skills more often like using it in a normal conversation

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes, reading a lot of novels would help. Also, reviewing grammar rules are great too. Proof read your essay before you hand it in. Always peer edit, you never know where you had a mistake and you could easily look over it.

    As for books, I recommend the Murdoch Mysteries series if you want murder. They're mainly about murders. They also adopted it as a TV show. I love it :)

    Stephen King is known for his horror novels. I never read one of his books, but maybe you'll like it.

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