what is happening in syria right now that has china, russia and NATO all riled up?

can you explain in full detail whats happening and or send me a link?

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    A protest movement recently began in Syria calling for more democracy, freedom, and reforms. It was originally peaceful, but outside forces and extremist factions hijacked this movement for their own purposes, and began using violence. The Syrian army then had to respond with even more violence, and an armed conflict erupted.

    The majority of those currently fighting against the Syrian government are terrorists and foreign mercenaries. America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and several other countries have been funding these terrorists and using them to try to overthrow the Syrian government. They are smuggling large amounts of weapons to these groups across the Syrian border, and they are also sending in hired insurgents from other countries to kill random people and cause chaos.

    Every day, these terrorist groups are blowing up buildings, sabotaging infrastructure, bombing pipelines and roads, and murdering people on a mass scale. Entire neighborhoods are being destroyed and terrorized, families are getting killed inside their homes, and snipers are randomly murdering people on the streets - both civilians and security forces.















    The collection of terrorist groups known as the "Free Syrian Army" is kidnapping and torturing people every day. Since the start of the crisis they have killed over 10,000 civilians, soldiers and policemen. Many of them are salafi extremists who want to establish an Islamic state in Syria, or radical Sunni terrorists motivated by sectarian hatred. Many of them are jihadists linked to al-Qaeda, and many are insurgents who have come from places like Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and elsewhere, by illegally crossing the Syrian border.

    The US wants to overthrow the Syrian government not for humanitarian reasons as the media claims, but for geopolitical reasons, in particular because of Syria's stance on Israel, its opposition to US regional interests, its support for resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon, and its alliance with major US enemies like Russia, China and Iran. By destroying Syria the US would be able to break apart the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis and establish hegemony in the middle east.

    The US has wanted to overthrow Syria for decades, and has admitted as much. Furthermore, it is documented that the US provided funds, weapons and training to sectarian terrorists in Syria as well as so-called Syrian “activists” before the start of the current crisis. (bit.ly/KmkQF3)

    The vast majority of "news reports" about Syria that you see on CNN/BBC/Al-Jazeera are unverifiable, unsubstantiated stories and rumors, and most of them are taken directly from Syrian opposition sources and anonymous "activists" who have a vested interest in painting the Syrian situation in a certain way. Any many times, the sources of these stories are not even in Syria.

    For example: the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", possibly the most quoted source in the media about the Syrian conflict, is actually run from an apartment in England by one man who gets all his information from "anonymous phonecalls", and who also happens to work directly with the British Foreign Ministry. Meanwhile, sources actually on the ground in Syria who tell a completely different story are ignored.

    The western mainstream media is owned by the military-industrial complex and is an inseparable part of the establishment. It is controlled by the very same interests that are trying to overthrow Syria, and its job is to help facilitate that overthrow by manipulating public opinion. This is why the media demonizes the Syrian government and exaggerates its wrongdoings while ignoring the atrocities committed by the rebels.

    http://bit.ly/zWqftk /y45bKZ /N28Siv /KGzQrX /LpUX7S /wxgd44 /Lq54JQ

    What you will never hear on the news is that the Syrian government has already met most of the demands of the legitimate opposition in Syria (those who are making their demands peacefully, and who are actually inside Syria, unlike the Istanbul-based SNC that is calling for foreign invasion).

    The Syrian government has already implemented new party laws, new media laws, new election laws, a new constitution has been implemented via referendum, the emergency law has been lifted, general amnesty has been granted multiple times, there have been new local & parliamentary elections, etc.

    Source(s): However, the US has been doing everything in its power to sabotage a peaceful, internal, political solution to the crisis in Syria; since that is the last thing they want. Their goal is to increase the violence in Syria and escalate the bloodshed to such a level that an immediate US military "intervention" would be justified in the eyes of the world. This is why prior to every major UN meeting on Syria there have been conveniently-timed massacres blamed on the Syrian military. http://bit.ly/MUB5u0 /LMXcM9 /JIS5ha /LcXV8F /P22XLL /LSxOr5 (<--"Houla's children support the Syrian Army") Most people in Syria support the government (something you will never see on CNN) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgdBQ_jetCY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o07CT_Mrp5g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6gV5EuvBvY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swkKaMx1N6I See also: http://bit.ly/xE27qI http://bit.ly/yTHEcx http://bit.ly/PRBj0L
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    The CIA is arming the rebels (Don´t ask me why) and russia backs assad in the UN.

    But Russia, China, NATO... is not really riled up.

    It´s just another civil war in the ME and our politicians simple are not able to let them fight

    without interfering. (Why they do this is beyond me).

    Is it really so hard to simple say you wanna fight? FINE! do it.

    Not our problem we will wait until there is a winner and then talk to him.

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    Nothing goes to occur until each and every nation is utterly critical approximately their standings and long run movements. In that case, if the US assaults and Russia/China responds, we (the arena) are all F@CKED. And it is humorous to understand how no one realizes how HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF. Has any person honestly discovered anything from WW1? All those Alliance strategies are hazardous and such? After all, it's on the grounds that of that battle that began all of the crap that we manage at present!

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    Civil War that started last year during the Arab Spring. Currently the rebels and civilians are being slaughtered wholesale by the Syrian government.

    Source(s): US Army Scout
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  • Russia does not want to loose the Navy base there or the revenue from sales and repair of military equipment. China......if we support it they don't seems to be the only reason I know of....perhaps they sell weapons to them as well.

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    How about turning on the evening news every now and again like normal people?

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    No! you lazy t w a t !

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