Is gone with the wind movie an accurate portrayal of the book?

It's a 5 hour movie and I was just wondering how much was accurate and hOw much it was missing and differences. Thx in advance

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    8 years ago
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    The movie and book are both absolutely amazing and some of my favorite pieces of entertainment ever! There were some dissimilarities, but I think the spirit of the book was captured fairly well in the movie.

    Some minor differences

    Scarlett has other children: Wade and Ella.

    More servants than just Prissy, Mammy and Pork...there was also Dilcey, and two young girls whose names I can't remember...and Scarlett goes to stay with a few other people after her widowhood before she goes to be with Melanie in Atlanta...her Aunt Eulalie in Savannah, I believe.

    Oh, and the movie this big party Scarlett had to which none of her old friends came...and this ball scene that I really liked where Scarlett talked about how, despite their tattered clothes, the Old Guard Southerners were finer and more genteel than she was as they were dancing in this derelict grandeur.

    The movie is also a little more...politically correct, I guess. For example, when Rhett and Scarlett are eating and Scarlett starts scraping the plate, Rhett says, "You'll be as fat as Mammy," but in the book "You'll be as fat as a Cuban." Also, in the movie they say "slave" or "darky" while in the book it's usually "negr0" or "n!gger."

    And the movie is less political as well. For example, Margaret Mitchell had pretty much all the main male characters, apart from Rhett, like Frank Kennedy and Ashley and a few others be in the KKK, and there was a lot of discussion of that group taking care of "uppity" former slaves because the Yankee government wouldn't, while the KKK was not mentioned in the film.

    I highly recommend you watch the movie and read the book, as both are absolutely amazing and I read/watch them both annually, they're that good.

    Edit...unless you're really easily offended by terms that I mentioned above...then you might want to stick with the film.

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  • 8 years ago

    Almost to a T...I love both the book and movie. You get some extra information in the book, but even the dialogue was taken from the book. If you enjoyed the book and/or move, read Moll Flanders. Moll and Scarlett are very similar in nature. They are both self centered and selfish women, but they are also entertaining all the same. I haven't seen any of the reality shows, but I surmise there is some similarities there.

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  • 8 years ago

    I haven't read the book, but I've heard that the book is different. Rhett and Scarlet have more children than Bonnie, for one thing. Not sure what all the other differences are. The movie is fabulous, though! It's one of the few movies I actually own. :)

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