Which all inclusive resorts have a check-in age of less then 21 years?

I am looking to go to an all inclusive resort in a Caribbean environment (specifically looking at the Bahamas right now) with some friends in the upcoming future. Every time I try to look up a possible trip the resort says "Minimum check-in age is 21"

I am wondering where I can find all inclusive resorts with a minimum check-in age of 19 or 20 as that will be the ages of everyone involved. I'm looking to go with 6 - 10 people for 6 - 8 days and was planning on getting 2 - 3 rooms.

I am not opposed to going to another island/country but Cuba is not possible as there are Americans involved.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Haiti! You can find some really cheap vacation destinations in Haiti where minimum check in is 21. They have really nice resort beaches that I would never imagine existed because of what the media chooses to show about Haiti on the news. I was skeptical about going because I worry about safety but it was way safer than people portray it to be. I decided to go there and I had lots of fun!!!!!! A friend suggested this facebook page which changed my mind and made me go and I'll suggest it to you too. You can even see videos on youtube about vacations in Haiti. You can go through their pictures and see for yourself. http://www.facebook.com/HaitiTourismInc

    I loved this resort in Haiti! lots of activities for cheap! It was the best and i felt like it was worth more than I paid for.


    They also have another beautiful resort called " Moulin Sur Mer" which I loved , you should google it.

  • 8 years ago

    Cuba is a possibility if you fly out of Canada. Americans are welcome in Cuba, and Cuba has made it so there is no paper trail involved for Americans visiting their country. Other than that, check out lower star star resorts (ie party resorts) in Dominican Republic.

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    8 years ago

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