Popular Asian songs and bands?

please give me a list of Korean, Japanese and Chinese songs or artists that you like. For example, By2, Nana Mizuki and Girls Generation. Thanks <3

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ohhhhh! I also like By2! XD


    -Don't Act Countrified - Ali & Junhyung

    -Sorry But I - C-Real

    -Chi Chi - Love is Energy

    -First Kiss - Davichi (One of my favs!)

    -From me to you - Davichi

    -Pinoccio - f(x)

    -Whoz that girl - EXID

    -It's being pretty everything - Fat Cat

    -Black and White - G-na

    -Don't let your eyes wander - Girls Day

    -Good Day - IU

    -Illa Illa - Juliet

    -Date - K-ARA

    -Cry Cry - T-ara

    -Lonely - 2NE1

    -I love you - 2NE1

    -Forget about love and sing - 8eight

    -Why did i fall in love with you - DBSK

    -She's my Girl - FIX

    -Life - FTIsland

    -Marry Me - FTIsland

    -Heartbreaker - G-Dragon

    -Haru Haru - BIG BANG (I love love love this song ♥)

    -Lies - BIG BANG

    -Fiction - Infinite

    -Something Special - Urban Zakapa


    -「線香花火 - Ajisai

    - Kimi wo omou toki / When thinking of you - Akanishi Jin

    - My Eternal Love - Akanishi Jin

    - ホタル - Aobozu

    - Life ~生まれてくれてありがとう~ - Brand New Life

    - やっと - Jihoo

    - バラード - Ketsumeishi

    - ただ ... ありがとう - Shikata


    - 官方完整音檔 - Amber

    - All songs of Anthony Neely!!

    - Tian Hou / 天后 - Andrew Tan

    - Liu Geng Hong 刘畊宏 - 彩虹天堂

    - 心的距離 - Eason Chan

    - Honey Honey Honey - Elva Hsiao

    - 就算世界無童話 - JANICE

    - 記得 - JJ Lin

    - 寂寞寂寞就好 - S.H.E

    - Return your keys - Shawn Yue

    - 燕窩 - Sodagreen

    - 趙頌茹 - Yu Chiu

    PD: Check out my Youtube Channel: saranghae036 (I usually download, recommend, "like" songs... ^^)

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  • 4 years ago

    I'm not definite what a part of Asia that a parent/mom and dad are from but, get some Corey Stevens song. He is lead singer and lead guitar participant with the same name band. Very first-class blues/r&r tune. You'll have your answer. J

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I will destroy anybody who says Hitsune Miku. Now that's out of the way:

    B'z (have no idea how to pronounce that).

    Dir En Grey

    Foreground Eclipse




    That's all I can think of. Btw, I hate Hitsune Miku, in case it wasn't clear already.

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