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What are some basics for dressing appropriately for school?

i went to a small catholic school for like 8 years so im used to wearing a uniform, but im about to start a public highschool with 4000 students!! and i would like to know the basics of basics? my mentor gave me a tip that its best not to wear skinny jeans on a day you have swimming for gym sooOOo whats another alternative? i dont want to wear sweats.

i normally shop at h&m forever 21 macys and thrift stores? no aeropostale unless for cardigans...

my usual style is a dark wash skinny + a loose band shirt from like, forever 21 with a basic cami underneath and flats or light converse. i dont wanna dress like this everyday though? so fall + winter basic comfortable styles!!! thankyou and links are appreciated


aaahhh thank you nikki and she said its hard to get on skinny jeans because you get really sore from swimming?? and apparently its not comfortable. tights sound cool thanks.

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    i dont get it why cant you wear Skinny leg jeans?

    You could get some leggings and a boyfriend jumper... Nice and comfy it can be worn with boots, or a cute pair of flats..

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