Twin For Little Audrey ? (:?

As some of you may already know, I am expecting twins next month. I do not know the genders, and I already have 2 children- Evan & Charlie. I need names for both genders, and so far I really like Audrey. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, and is a beautiful name in all to me and my family. I need some boy's names, along with girls. All types of names are welcome to suggest, as my naming style is a mix of everything. Audrey (so far, this is a name for a girl!) has no middle name yet. My name is Meaghan and my husband is David, so those names are out.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Congrats! How about...

    2 Girls

    -Audrey & Lydia

    -Audrey & Maia

    -Audrey & Zoey

    -Audrey & Hallie

    -Audrey & Macy

    -Audrey & Molly

    -Audrey & Melody

    -Audrey & Melanie

    -Audrey & Ruby

    -Audrey & Cassidy

    -Audrey & Tessa

    -Audrey & Elodie

    -Audrey & Lilia

    -Audrey & Jessa

    -Audrey & Juliet

    -Audrey & Heidi

    -Audrey & Sadie

    -Audrey & Caroline

    -Audrey & Vivienne

    -Audrey & Calla

    2 Boys

    -Mason & Lucas

    -Jackson & Liam

    -Cole & Ezra

    -Noah & Blake

    -Dylan & Micah

    -Oliver & Wesley

    -Alex & Miles

    -Sawyer & Russell

    -Tristan & Keifer

    -Keegan & Declan

    -Quinton & Riley

    -Jacob & Daniel

    -Carter & Hayden

    -Vincent & Dominic

    -Asher & Owen

    -Patrick & Samuel

    -Wyatt & Gavin

    -Finn & Ian

    -Isaac & Nolan

    -Griffen & Trevor

    1 Girl & 1 Boy

    -Audrey & Kyle

    -Audrey & Seth

    -Audrey & Brody

    -Audrey & Caleb

    -Audrey & Nicholas

    -Audrey & Sean

    -Audrey & Tucker

    -Audrey & Camden

    -Audrey & Luca

    -Audrey & Philip

    -Kailey & Toby

    -Emmeline & Christopher

    -Gabrielle & William

    -Olivia & Damon

    -Ariana & Jason

    -Delaney & Brock

    -Willa & Cody

    -Annabelle & Gregory

    -Ruth & Casey

    -Maura & Hunter

    Feel free to mix and match the names! Good luck!


    Source(s): Mommy to Riley & Jace <3
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  • Audrey Elizabeth

    Audrey Danielle

    Audrey Marilyn

    Audrey Grace

    Lillie, Liza, Eleanor, Charlotte, Harriet, Emily, Wilhelmina, Carolina, Jane, Aleksandra, Florence, Elizabella, Isadora, Nialla, Rose, Louise, Perrie, Molly Jane

    William, David, Harry, Oliver, Robert, Nicholas, Nathaniel, Zachariah, Andrew, James, Maximilian, Salem, River, John, Samuel, Matthew, Jacob

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  • 8 years ago


    Audrey Rose and Arianna Gray

    Audrey Belle and Alleigha Rae

    Audrey Leigh and Payton Lynn

    Girl and Boy:

    Audrey Alexis and Bentley James

    Audrey Marie and Asher Thomas


    Kayden William and Carter Elijah

    Liam Zane and Mason Avery

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  • 8 years ago

    Audrey Grace

    Audrey Marie

    Audrey Alexandra

    Audrey Janelle

    Audrey Rose

    Audrey Skye

    Audrey Anne








    Aaron (Aaron and Audrey would be so cute!)



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  • Meg
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Audrey Meaghan & Olivia Michelle

    Audrey Erin & Isabelle Rose

    Audrey Sarah & Sophie Alexa

    Audrey Meaghan & Liam Elliot

    Audrey Erin & Logan Robert

    Audrey Sarah & Seth Alexander

    Liam Elliot & Kyle William

    Logan Robert & Erik Oliver

    Seth Alexander & Matthew Ian

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  • 8 years ago

    I really love the name Triston, but hubby doesn't. I love Audrey and have considered this as a middle name for a girl

    Here are some boy names I like:




    Darien or Darius

    Audrey Rose

    Audrey Grace

    Audrey Saige/Sage

    Audrey Kaylin

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  • 8 years ago

    Olivia Rose

    Lily Anne

    Faith Madison

    Grace Anna

    Lola Rose

    Amelia Rose

    Evie Belle

    Freya Madison

    Darcy Belle











    are names i like

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  • xoxo
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    8 years ago


    Audrey and Lacey

    Audrey and Ainsley

    Audrey and Jessie


    Audrey and Joseph

    Audrey and Mason

    Audrey and Avery


    Joseph and Cassidy

    Mason and Jamey

    Avery and Liam

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Girls- audrey, aurora( & call her rory), avery, ally

    Boys - aiden, Austin, Aaron , alexander(Alex or Xander pronounced Zander)

    Combos- *****Audrey and aurora(rory)*****

    Ally and aiden

    Audrey and Austin

    Aaron and Avery

    Austin and aaron

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  • 8 years ago

    My two favorite names are Lincoln for a boy and Sicily for a girl.

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