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2012 nfl fantasy draft order?

im in a 14 person head to head (normal rules) yahoo! league

i have 7th pick and after 6 mock drafts i'm thinking of going with this order of picking

*some options have more than one position meaning if my first position choice gets taken or other position has better player i will chose instead*

1. RB/QB

2. WR/RB

3. QB/WR

4. WR/RB

5. RB/TE

6. TE/RB

7. WR

8. QB-2

9. DEF

10. K

11. RB/WR

12. WR/RB

13. RB/WR/TE-2

14. TE-2/WR

15. RB/K

ran one mock like this besides QB-2 *missed at spot 8 and ended up taking in spot 14*

team in order of picking below

Chris Johnson, RB

Victor Cruz, WR

Eli Manning, QB

Percy Harvin, WR

Vernon Davis, TE

Shonn Greene, RB

Darius Heyward-Bay, WR

Green Bay, DEF

Stephen Gostkowski, K

Ben Tate, RB

Laurent Robinson, WR

Dustin Keller, TE

James Jones, WR

Tim Tebow, QB

Mike Tolbert, RB

any suggestions on tweaking this for a better team?


still looking for a few more answers

anyone run this set up in a mock this yr with a similar pick and bigger leagues with good results?

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    I usually go:















    Lats year i had:

    QB: Ryan, Sanchez

    RB:McFadden, R. Bush, Benson,

    WR: Holmes, Britt, Maclin, Moore

    TE: Graham, Davis

    K: Folk

    D/st: Jets, Saints

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    if CJ1K is your 1st pick, you may be in trouble. past performance does not predict future results. new coach, bad year last year, rbs not as relevant in nfl anymore etc.

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