Give the current situation, what's going to happen to Lebanon?

So the Syrians kidnapped a Lebanese called "Al Miqdad" who was fighting against the rebels in Syria and now the family of that Lebanese person has kidnapped 20 Syrians..The main route to the airport has been blocked due to tires being burned and I just want to ask:

What's going to happen to the Lebanese? The fact that Saudi Arabia is urging its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately is terrifying me..I'm still young but I'm so concerned because I live here! What's going to happen to us? Will there be a war? Will there be more kidnappings in Lebanon??

I know in my paragraph I sound like a crazy person but I'm not, I'm just really scared...

Thank you for your time!


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  • 8 years ago
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    This is not the first time kidnappings happen between the both sides. It happened before and all the kidnapped were returned.

    I do not believe this problem will cause a war or something dangerous. And let's pray for that.

  • Hyksos
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    8 years ago

    Lebanon is divided into two parties, the 1st one is with the Syrian regime and its existence depends on the Syrian regime's existence , the other party is against the Syrian regime whatever it takes.

    So these two parties are waiting for what will happen in Syria.

    Every party will take his vengeance on the other party based on the result of the syrian revolution.

    Let's just hope that this vengeance will not be brutal, and these two major parties remember that they are both Lebanese in the first place

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sunni shia conflict.

    Syrian and lebanese sunnis fighting against Shia Assad regime and Hezbollah plus Iranians Revolutionary Guards.

    Israel is waiting for the outcome of this war.

    Hezbullah and Sunni fight in lebanon very much on cards.

    If you are a shia then repent from cursing companions and become truly muslim like sunnis.Then dont fear death.If you die as a true muslim you will die as martyr and enter paradise.

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