How Do Referees Get Chosen for the Olympics?

I have been watching the olympics lately and remembered a question of mine that I have always had.

"How are the referees that get to appear in the olympic games get chosen?"

I didn't think it was random and I wondered if the referees competed for the honor also.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I know this sounds bizarre, but referees and judges working the Olympic Games do not work for the Olympics. They work for their sport's international federation (IF). The IF runs its sport as a separate entity. Essentially the International Olympic Committee (IOC) only subcontracts out the operation of the sport's events, provides facilities, and negotiates the TV contracts.

    Referees and judges are selected by the sport's IF and are supposedly the best of the best. However, according to 'Inside the Olympics' by former IOC member **** Pound, referees and judges are sometimes the best connected or best liked by the IF, not the most competent. As we saw in some sports, especially boxing, some referees and judges seemed to be totally oblivious of the rules of their sport. To the boxing IF's credit, the half-dozen gold medal matches I saw had good officiating and scoring, but some of the gross errors in the preliminary rounds were unforgiveable.

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  • 8 years ago

    Referees aren't necessarily chosen for the Olympics. Each sport at a competitive level has referees. These referees kist prove their worth and advance to various levels. Like in soccer, those referees have taken course after course and officiated many games and moved up levels. If they are deemed capable, they can apply to referee in events like the Olympics or world cup

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  • They have been the best at international level so they get elected for the Olympics

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