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Jobs in physics or engineering?

I'm 13 and starting to learn physics but have some questions.

1.What kind of jobs are there in physics?

2. what exactly does a theoretical physicist do?

3. Is the pay good to be a theoretical physicist?

4.What are some good universitys in Canada or USA to become a theoretical physicist or engineer?

5. Could a theoretical physicist/engineer work at the university they went to?

6. Could a theoretical physicist work for nasa?

7. whats better a theoretical physicist or an engineer for nasa?

8. How would one become a theoretical physicist or engineer?

9. whats the average pay for a engineer at nasa?

10. What are the types of engineers?

And last could some one give me some physics for a person who barely knows anything except,Quarks,Leptons(however I only know alittle about leptons),Brayons,special relativity, general relativity (only the definition for both thou) and wave functions.

Thanks for all the help!!

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    Most jobs for people with physics degrees are as teachers. You will need a *lot* of math. Standard teacher's salaries... too danged little.

    5. Not if they want a hope of advancement. In general, you need advanced degrees, and they really need to be obtained at different institutions. Otherwise it is assumed you are just gaming a few gullible professors.

    7. Being an engineer (not for NASA), I will not answer that.

    10. Civil (lots of different specialties), mechanical (structural), mechanical (machines), mechanical (process), aerospace, computer, chemical, industrial (methods), environmental engineers.

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