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Christians, have you seen this article on the things going on in USA re: economics?

Extremely well done showing what has been going on, for how long,

a lot of things that have been suppressed, and with funny quips

to lighten the gravity of this.

I found it awakening.

Of course, it would involve everyone interested.

I post for Christians so they can be more aware of what is happening,

because I am Christian.

And if others wish to post questions, that would also be wise.

If you find the link helpful, pass it on.

Just scroll down and you'll see whatever parts you need.


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    The Jeopardy contestant says it all. Washington DC as the capital of Israel.

    The need for personal action and change is far more in place than most imagine.

    As society buries their conscience in sports and celebrity hysteria, the world leaders plot global demise. It's planetary cancer.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I usually don't pay much attention to money news, but it's true that we are going to have a one world government. In fact, we are getting really close to it now, and Obama is trying to bring us into this I believe. I don't care for Hillary Clinton and don't know why Rockefeller wanted a painting with her in it. But I guess that's beside the point or I'm missing something here.

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