Can some please check my French paragraph (Very short!) - UPDATED!?

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Can some check my French paragraph? (Very short!)?

Here is the link to the video. It's just a picture of the paragraph I have written. I want to know if the French makes sense and if there is room for improvement.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ok, here goes:

    Replace "je suis 16 ans" with "j'ai 16 ans". The french say "I have 16 years old".

    Replace "boulet" with "boulot".

    Instead of saying "un couple de chefs", say "quelques cuisiniers".

    Replace " Je regulierement nettoyer les plats et balayer le plancher" with "Je nettoie regulierement les plats et je balaye le plancher."

    Add an "s" at the end of quelque in "Quelque fois (...)" or replace it with "parfois".

    Replace the next sentence with "Je prepare la salade pour les clients et c'est amusant."

    Replace "des week-end" with "durant les fins de semaine". And replace "de le week" with "de la semaine".

    Add "s" at the end of "temps" and in the same sentence, say "de un a six heures et demi" and "pour de l'argent supplementaire."

    Correction in next sentence: "Mon patron me laisse aller tot."

    Correction in next sentence: "Je depense mon argent sur les vetements, les bonbons et les livres de comique"

    Your french is pretty good. Your vocabulary is good, but the grammar needs to be worked on because I'd say about 85% of your errors were grammar mistakes.

    Overall I would give you B+ for the work you did.

    Keep up the good work!

    Source(s): Native french speaker
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