Why are ther light skinned Americans in the distant future?

In science fiction stories set in the distant future, there are always a lot of light skinned Americans. There is also an assumption that people will choose their mates in a color blind way. Lets just say that when people decide to completely ignore skin color when they choose their mates that half the people in the United States are of almost exclusive European ancestry. Half of them would choose mates that were European ancestry and half would choose darker skinned mates. The next generation, only one fourth of the people would have mostly European ancestors. In fact the number of people that look like Captain Kirk would be 1/2^n where n is the number of generations that people ignored race as a factor in choosing their mate.

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    8 years ago
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    these science fiction stories are made now when race and skin color is a big deal. so the actors and actresses are either white or light skinned because nowadays thats all they find acceptable in media today. in the real future hopefully humanity will evolve such petty race and skin color problems.

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    extremely, in Sunday college they placed on a caricature video of Jesus as a black guy. there are countless different artwork of Jesus with different pores and skin tones, eye and hair colorations. And we are very conscious that if he existed he ought to have regarded center-eatern. And as for the "we call every person with darkish pores and skin a terrorist", Bush is an fool and he would not characterize maximum individuals of the american inhabitants. ignore him, he's an embaressment to mankind. i'd also opt to discuss the way you disliked the way that some human beings stereotype center-easterns as terrorist, and yet you haven't got any difficulty doing an similar via conserving each and each person are " enthusiastic about conceitedness. looks and delight, vanity". I doubt you have ever been to the U. S., have you ever? because in case you had, you'll recognize the way incorrect you're.

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    Essentially the complete assumption that we will even make it to the future is absurd.

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    It's because Light killed the others

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  • 8 years ago

    to me your question makes little sense

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