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Should the circumcision of baby boys be banned?

except when it is medically necessary?

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    Baby boy penis parts removal should already be considered illega in the US under the 1996 federal law banning genital cutting -- 14th Amendment equal protection clause. Those saying that preventing the cutting off of penis parts of a baby boy violates the cutter's freedom of religion, are way out there in irrational land. One's religion ends where their knife touches another human's body. The idea that another human's ritual (rite) trumps ones right to body parts is insane and creepy. Baby boy penis parts removal cuts off about 20000 thousand fine touch and stretch nerve endingss (this is more than twice the nerves the entire clitoris has). This is like disconnecting the fingertips, nipples or lips from the brain. No human should be subjected to sensory system harm as well as a forced decrease of sexual function and PLEASURE for life!

    Sorry to go on... but there is so much misinformation above. As to the theory that penis parts should be cut off in order to facilitate hygiene, consider the following comments of a pediatrician. This is certainly a different (and more logical) view of Hygiene:

    "My experience as a pediatrician has convinced me that circumcision makes the penis dirtier, a fact that was confirmed by a study recently published in the British Journal of Urology.1 For at least a week after circumcision, the baby is left with a large open wound that is in almost constant contact with urine and feces--hardly a hygienic advantage. Additionally, throughout life the circumcised penis is open and exposed to dirt and contaminants of all kinds. The wrinkles and folds that often form around the circumcision scar frequently harbor dirt and germs.

    Thanks to the foreskin, the intact penis is protected from dirt and contamination. While this important protective function is extremely useful while the baby is in diapers, the foreskin provides protection to the glans and urinary opening for a lifetime. At all ages, the foreskin keeps the glans safe, soft, and clean.

    Throughout childhood, there is no need to wash underneath the foreskin. Mothers used to be advised to retract the foreskin and wash beneath it every day. This was very bad advice indeed. When the foreskin becomes fully retractable, usually by the end of puberty, your son can retract it and rinse his glans with warm water while he is in the shower."

    No one that is at all credible claims there are no functions to the penis parts cut off. However, the sexual function and pleasure are ignored or downplayed by the penis parts removal pushers. The long term harm is huge with nerve damage and harm to the sensory system. A whole range of sensation and sexual and protective function are lost. The lips, nipples and fingertips have similar touch sense. To take this away from another person without their consent is heinous.

  • No, and this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with science. Men who are not circumcised have many many infections which can lead to numerous problems, 2 include difficulties going to the bathroom or infertility. It is much easier for a circumcised male to keep the area cleaned and they have less infections. Most men who are not circumcised generally have to be circumcised later on in life due to infections.

    My nephew had to be circumcised when he was 6 because of infections. He still has nightmares about it because he remembers the pain. My grandpa who never was circumcised sat me down when I pregnant with my son that he feels all boys should be circumcised as babies, because apparently he knows from experience the difficulties a man has when not being circumcised.

    Medically speaking, no matter how clean you are, when you are uncircumcised you will still get infections. It is much cleaner to be circumcised and less traumatic to be circumcised as a baby.

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    I don't understand why people do this in the first place. Imagine the pain of the poor babies. you;re cuttin ga peice of them off, it's akin to pulling out their nails, it must hurt more though. Why would anyone do such a barbaric act? How does it keep them clean? That doesn;t even make sense.

    I think it should be banned. People sdhopuld never have thought cutting a peice of genitals from babies was a good thing.

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    No, there are medical benefits to circumcision. I did a research paper on it for a biology class about HIV/AIDS and male circumcision reduces the risk of contracting the disease. it does not reduce the risk of spreading it, only the risk of contracting it.

    Besides, male circumcision is not "mutilation" as some people suggest, it is no different that having your wisdom teeth surgically removed. The foreskin is simply a byproduct of evolution that is not necessary anymore. The only reason it is an issue is because it tends to be a religious practice in many societies. But that is a stupid reason to be against it, and I'm an atheist.

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    Yes, circumcision needs to an choice of the owner of the penis not the parents.

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    Genital mutilation of any child should be banned - except when it's medically required.

    "Circumcision for males is a process that keep men clean"

    - - - Errrrr so does having a shower.

    "Who gets to dictate what parents want for their children"

    - - - What about what the child might want? Is a child a piece of property owned by its parents?

    "Medically speaking, no matter how clean you are, when you are uncircumcised you will still get infections"

    - - - Utter drivel and demonstrably false as I have manged to make it through 44 years without any "infections".

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    Yes it definitely should

    Note how many of the concerns are cosmetic, what kind of sick world do we live in when people impose their cosmetic preferences on baby boys without their consent because of their own vanity

    As for religious reasons

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    Let's remove childrens teeth as well, it keeps their mouths clean.

    Smilng Don stinking c*ck.


    It helps with lubrication and stops loss of sensation, it is most defiantly not redundant.

    @Chi girl

    Your opinion matters when a man tries to stick it in you, not before, not after, not now.

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    Circumcision for males is a process that keep men clean

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    Yes. Permitting such barbaric practices goes too far for accommodating religion.

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