Do gays / lesbian seek out Straight people at times?

I read up on gays and lesbians in novels books I have even lissen to Dr.Phil and they all say that gay's /lesbian often sick to them self's

Ok then.

Why was it then this women was asking mom to undress her self and lay down on her water bed and let her join her in the back room on the water bed.

I know my mom she's not lesbian she's married and has 3 kids of her own.

This women wanted my mom out from her clothes naked.

She was feeling moms legs when she was talking to her and was starting to unbotton her zipper to her jeans before mom walked away she was wanting to masturbate mom on the water bed.

So was Dr.Phil and these nvels right.


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  • Vamp
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    8 years ago
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    You have apparently spent the last 4 months coming home and catching your mother in compromising situations in various places in the house with a woman (is this the same one or different ones).

    If your situation is real, and I am not very convinced about that, then your mother is not only a lesbian but really rather stupid as well.

    You, on the other hand, are merely nosy and intrusive.

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