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Is Israel the aggressor or is it in a position of defense of their homeland? (or both?)?


I seemed to read the Iran is provoking war, but then I read much about

Israel provoking aggression.

But Israel is being threatened with losing the small amount of country

they have.

I would appreciate other's insights on this.


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    No other country has been subjected to the credible threats of annihilation that Iran has directed toward Israel. Iran has repeatedly said they want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. I think that makes the situation surely one in which Israel is on the defensive.

    Israel is home to many Christians. Many people outside the Middle East do not realize that most Israeli Christians are Catholics. Some are Latin rite, but most are Maronite rite or Coptic rite. When I went to communion today, I tried to keep in mind the fact that I was joining in communion with those Maronite and Coptic Catholics who are treated savagely by some countries in the Middle East.

    I am not entirely naive about how Israel has treated some Christians. Some non-Israeli lands that are occupied by Israel are in fact the homelands of Christians. I would like to see REAL national borders established that put an end to foreign occupations AND put an end to the outrageous bombings of Israeli civilians by random small rocket attacks and suicide bombers - almost all of which come from Muslim and not Christian lands.

    Anyone who really wants peace with Israel should be strongly against the Iranian government. Some Iranian leaders have actually made it clear that they do NOT want peace in the Middle East. They have said that they want to bring about massive war that will help to bring about more expansive Islamic domination of the world. They know that Israel is a substantial barrier to such domination, so they want literally to eliminate Israel. So long as such barbaric goals exist among the leaders of Iran, Iran is the aggressor and should be treated as such.

    I think that preventive military attacks should be rare and based only on overwhelming evidence. It is well-known that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons capability. They should not be allowed to get such weapons.

    It is not at all reasonable to say that Iran should be allowed to get nuclear weapons just because lots of other countries have them. That is no more sensible than saying a raving lunatic should be allowed to own a shotgun for pheasant hunting. Raving lunatics should not be allowed to own shotguns, and raving Jew-hating barbarians who openly threaten to annihilate other countries should not be allowed to own nuclear weapons.

    Israel is on the defensive.

    They are defending not only their own nation,

    but common sense and civilization itself.

    I am Roman Catholic.

    Peace be with you.

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    Israel will attack Iran's potential missile launching bases, probably in October, before the US Presidential election. They fear that Iran will soon have nuclear capability and will bomb Israel. So, the Israeli's want to stop Iran from developing nuclear capability. Iran would use it against Israel possibly, but they don't have that yet.

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    Israel has been on the defense since Biblical times, and it hasn't changed nor seems to be ready to change. And remember an old saying: The best defense is a good offense. And that's no joke! We here in the U.S. have lived by it since before our inception, and we ain't about to give up that perspective any time soon.

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    How anyone can think Israel is the aggressor is beyond me, but then Satan is the god of this world and freely blinds the eyes and hearts of men. Satan hates Israel because they are tha apple of God's eye.

    Iran and many other Muslim nations especially Arab nations make no bones about destroying Israel. it is in their charter to push Israel into the sea. they speak this freely yet western nations think some sort of magic group hug will fix everything and get mad at Israel because they don't want to hug ones who have sworn their destruction.

    Israel is not perfect, but they are not the aggressor, they have the same right to protect their people that every other country takes for granted, yet the world does not want to give them that right.

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    They are doing all they can to keep from getting wiped off the map which is what Iran is bragging they are going to do. It's the terrorists, as always, who are the aggressors.

    Israel is NOT the one causing the trouble! They came back to the land God gave them centuries ago, and God himself brought them into the land, but the Hezbollah's and Hamas, and other terrorists believe they are occupying their land. The truth is the Muslims had the Old Testament and misinterpreted it. They don't accept that God brought them to their own land.

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    Israel is the victim of constant attacks by all its neighbors all of which is financially supported by Iran. Iran is now threatening total annihilation once they achieve nuclear power.

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    Israel doesn't want Iran to have what many other countries have, wrong!

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