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If you were to make Hamlet as a movie?

Hi guys,

let says you were a very rich producer who can afford to sign anyone for a movie. Who would sign to play hamlet and othello in a movie version of Hamlet. Also can you tell briefly why would you pick that actor/actress( cit their past performances)? i have to do this for school but i don't have much knowledge of movie or actors so i would appreciate if someone here can help me out here.


I meant cite not cit

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    For Hamlet I would pick Leonardo Dicaprio. When he played Jack in Titanic he was very endearing and despite being poor and from a low social class, he was smart and Intelligent. Hamlet's actions were always very self aware and his desire for answers also showed intelligence I think Dicaprio could pull off. Also, Dicaprio can do serious roles like Shutter Island and Inception. This would make him good at portraying Hamlet's obsessiveness over the murder and the process of going deeper into the obsession.

    For Othello, without a doubt Denzel Washington. Othello has to be a strong man who looks well educated, and Washington looks the part already. Othello also has to be passionate while remaining manly, which can be tricky, but in Remember the Titans he showed the passion needed for a character like Othello and obviously passion is one of the most important traits for Othello. They also have to be able to be emotionally strong in the beginning, and Washington has been in tons of movies like that like The Book Of Eli and Malcom X. But he is also good at playing softer roles like the Christmas movie The Preacher's Wife. I also think he would be able to portray how what seems like a good character trait can go south and the heartbreak that follows.

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