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Any animes like Sword Art Online?

Sword Art Online is the best anime I've watched so far, but having to wait every weekend for each episode is slowly killing me. So I'm wondering if there's any animes similar to it?

Doesn't have to be based on an MMORPG. I just want a cool action, fighting fantasy anime with a little bit of romance. (:

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    -Accel Word

    -Mirai Nikki

    -Hunter X Hunter

    -Summer Wars


    -Guilty Crown

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    Anime Like Sword Art Online

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Mabinogi is a free game from Nexon. It's a social game where if you feel like it you can get around to doing the generations. (16 of them so far.) There is no level cap as some players have reached well over 5k levels. Nexon has introduced an aging system also allowing you to rebirth when you hit the age of twenty back to a current level of one, while the levels you worked so hard to get transfer into a total level. The player base is usually friendly and helpful though like every game you have trolls and assholes. As for life like the graphics are not anything to die for but the have a huge crafting system and a massive amount of life skills that range from fishing to carpentry or even fire making. Nexon also Every once in a while releases a new pet mountable or not they are very cool. (the last one was a maid and butler.) the party system allows you to create parties limited to only eight. Though there are three types of parties; music parties so you and your friends can play and create music together, dungeon parties (more like a raiding group), and social parties so you and your friends can just hang out. Now on to my favorite part. PVP! There are two kinds of PVP in Mabi. The first is duels, a duel takes skill and strategy because that play you are fighting could have better rank skills than you or be a higher level, but you can still win of you can out think them. :) The other is type of PVP is faction based. There are two types of this also, the first being EVG or elf vs giant and the other is PVDK or pally vs dark knight which you are able only to do as a human character after g2 and g3. Faction based is usually fun and a little chaotic, but if it isn't your thing you can turn it off in the options. Just random info: there is an housing system, there is a great guild system, compose your own music, explore the land and find treasure, go river rafting, fly in a hot air balloon, sift sand for gems, and a lot more. We currently have a very friendly guild on the server Alexina if you decide to play we would be more than willing to help you with anything you need.

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    I've yet to see Sword Art Online (SAO). I rather see it after it has finished airing. I just started watching Accel World (AW). Some people say that AW and SAO happens in the same world. Don't know if this is true or not. But AW also involves some kind of virtual reality game. I think it should be finished airing by next month or two.

    Fate/stay night is a good fantasy action, with a bit of romance in the middle of the series.

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    You can try,is it wrong to pick up a girl in a dungeon, its just like sword art online but the game is real life

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    6 years ago

    Mondaiji Tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuro Sou Desu Yo

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    Log Horizon, though I personally didn't like it... ^^; My siblings do though,

    If you're looking for a manga, I REASSURE YOU- 1/2 Prince is one of the best mangas you will ever read.

    It had romance, gender bend (which is hilarious), action, comedy, (they actually make a band as well), and SO much more!!! Ive read it more than 20+ times, I even have it on tabs right now. I can not explain how amazing this manga is!

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    Episode 1 is out for sao season 2

    Accel world

    The .hack// series

    Fairy tail

    One peice

    Log horizon (personally didn't like this one)

    No game no life (the big difference between sao and no game no life is that the characters in no game no life want to say in that world)

    Zero no tsukaima (this one isn't like sao but it has the same kind of genres but it also includes ecchi)


    I know some of these aren't like sao but they followed the genres of what u want plus u said that the character don't have to trapped in a game

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    If you like Sword Art Online I know you will like Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is basically about wizards and being in guilds. It has a little bit of every genre.

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    6 years ago

    Majestic prince- a group of five kids fight an outer space battle against their creators. A little side romance in their too.

    Gurren Lagann- Simon and Kamina live in an underground society. Simon digs up an artifact that reacts the machines above ground. A huge earthquake kills them all. However because of Simons hole their safe. Now Simon and Kamina must survive on the surface and find new allies.

    P.S. These two are mecha anime. Don't let's that fool you. I'm no mecha fan, in fact I hate it. I'd rather see a fist fight. But these two anime are amazing. Makes you think are they really mecha. Well enjoy.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Log Horizon

    why?? because they trapped in a game called Elder Tale which similar to SAO they can't even log out but the difference are the place which in episode 1 took place in Akihabra also the food it taste like crap according they say but the unfair is they can revive at the cathedral

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