I need help with a costume for a decade dance!!!??PLEASE HELP!?

I know this is in the wrong section... but I figure you guys would maybe have some good answers since Weddings are like EXTREME parties...

My University has a dance coming up in a week or two... it's a decade dance.... basically you dress in clothes from the decade of your choice..

I have a budget of about $10... so I need to use clothes that I own... and maybe I can buy something cheap...

It's hot here, so nothing that would be too hot...

these are the clothes I own

T-shirts in pretty much every colour... a few super hero shirts (Superman, Captain America, Batman ect... a Mickey Mouse shirt, a few random graphic t's and a few tie dye shirts

I own thin Hoodies (Cool enough for summer) in Red, Orange, Black, Navy, Blue, Turquoise, Rusty colour, White (with words) and an orange faded tie dye hoodie... shades of orange....

I own Grey and black thin sweaters, and a grey and black stripe thin sweater

I own jeans, a pair of dress pants, plaid shorts, jean shorts...

Converse in Silver, White, Red, Black, Navy, grey and Purple (dark and light) Flip Flops in Grey blue and black

Not a huge selection... I also own a sweater vest? in hunter green and blue...

I was thinking wear the orange tie dye hoodie with the tie dye shirt... and jean shorts, flip flops and then buy an afro wig and go as someone from the 60's (70's?)

I have short-ish, dark hair with dark eyes, My skin isn't tan, but I look tan... if that makes sense. and I have thick (nerdy) glasses... like the Rayban style... that I need for seeing :P

But please help, I honestly can't think...

The girl I am going with is going as the 20's... she is wearing a 20's inspired dress, and she has short Audrey Hepburn type hair...


Is the afro Idea too tacky/silly? it's my first impression at the school... so I don't want to be "That Guy"

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    You could do the 1960 out of your closet.

    but leave the hoodie at home, we did not have them except as winter athletic wear. They were grey, and had "athletic department" stamped on them.

    You can be a hippy, or "power to the people" ethnic person. And yes, the 'fro would be fine for that 2nd one. But considering modern sensibilities, I would ot wear the 'fro unless my ancestors came from Africa. That could be very offensive to someone these days. In the day, mostly blacks wore carefully coiffed 'fros, whites mostly wore surfer bushy unkempt hair styles

    The typical hippy had long hair[or in the process of growing it out], huarache sandals [they are flat sandals with straps] dirty faded jeans, often with embroidery or patches or holes in them, a headband, either leather or beaded or a folded bandanna, and a peace sign necklace. and a tie dyed t-shirt.

    If you do not have a peace sign, or can't make a crude one, wear some big funny looking beads, and call them"love beads".

    The ethnic man would have worn a dashiki, and jeans, the girls african dresses. And ethnic people wore the t-shirts and jeans, too.

    They said, "cool, groovy."

    think about going as a "beatnik" from the 1950's. Your glasses would make you fit right in, they were poets and musicians, and very cerebral. You need black. a black t-shirt or a top, black pants, but rolled up cuff jeans will do. And if you have sunglasses, even better. If you have a black leather jacket, that works. They snapped their fingers a lot, and said yeah, man.' and refered to older men as "Daddio". they wore big eyed glasses, with black frames.

    If you have the jacket, go as "James Dean's twin brother." Jeans, a white t-shirt, black demi boots, sunglasses.

    "Make some waves, dude," and go as a surfer dude. got some Hawaiian print swim trunks, the baggier the better? Wear a white t-shirt, a pair of sandals, your glasses need a elastic swim band on them, and let your hair go in all directions, as if wind blown and crusted with salt air. If you could get your hands on a boogie board, that could go back into the car when you showed up with it and everyone saw it, great. And if you wish, dye your hair blond or white, as if faded by sun and salt and chlorine.

    Your plaid shorts, especially if they are madras type plaid might work.

    good luck

  • 4 years ago

    The 1980's (everybody can wear leggings, off the shoulder shirts, neon colors, leg warmers, crazy hair and so forth.) The 1970's (that you could either do disco variety with vivid outfits, flare pants, afros, and matters like that; or you can do hippie form, where each person wears the band round their head, tie dye shirts, super flare denims with holes or tears, flowers, matters related to peace and love, and things like that.) You might have a masquerade ball where every body dresses up in fine formal put on with lengthy dresses suits, and have everybody wear masks. You could do just a costume occasion where all people picks a random costume to wear. You would have a pirate themed get together, pimps and hos, a lingerie/playboy social gathering, or a famous couples get together. (This could work for couples, or for two girl acquaintances or man associates that desired to do famous twins or matters like that) Have enjoyable!

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    I actually personally think guys look extremely steamy with short hair. I had the guy friend that had a afro and he cut it in eighth grade year and he suddenly obtained soo much cuter.

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  • 4 years ago

    I honestly dont have the patience to keep my tresses long

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