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How to make flat ironing easier?

I have thick, frizzy, very hard to work with hair. It has a slight wave, and had waaay too much volume. I honestly HATE my hair. So because of that, I flat iron it everyday. It takes up a lot of time in the mornings and it's also very damaging. I decided to get a hear protector, and I went with the TRESemme heat tamer spray. I've used it for 5 days now and I always get the same results. Yes it protects...but unlike most people, I want it to weigh my hair down. I'm not a big fan of any volume when it comes to my own hair. I want my hair to look straight and thin, but also protected. So if ANYONE knows any good heat protectors that fill my requirements, please help me <3

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    Paul Mitchell Has Great Hair Products. Then Have A Heat Protection Spray And Fills Light And Not A Lot Of Product. $17

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    girl has the same problems with my hair. I too like my hair to look very thin and pin Straight at the end as well. this is what I do. after shampooing and conditioning my hair I let it air dry naturally, or if you prefer you can also try it with the blow dryer but not to perfection. afterwards I use a smoothing serum, and olive oil grease. now get ready, you can definitely overdue it on the grease just don't kill it because your hair will come out stiff. add then leave it in a ponytail overnight and I begin to straighten process the next day. it will have so much grease that it will come out shiny and really really Straight. afterwards I wrap my hair and cover it with a satin scarf and I'm ready to go. I know this process might seem just as long I'm only offering you a suggestion as to what I do because in order to get that long sleek look without volume, takes work. Here are some products I use....

    Garnier fructisse smoothing serum, its green bottle, with a green pump.

    Olive oil sheen spray

    Olive oil or coconut grease, these you will find in the african american hair care isle. Good luck. Still need help, hit me up cherrygirl6893@gmail

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    you're killing your hair. but since you don't like your hair so thick i think you should get it thinned so it's easier and you get the results you want. you can do it yourself with thinning scissors or you can go to the salon. this way you don't constantly have to flat iron it and your hair will be healthier. regardless of heat protectors your hair is never fully protected. it's still bad and your hair can break off or get really dry and gross.

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    You want to shower before you do your hair shampoo with WARM i cant strain enough WARM WARM WARM water HOT water if u can handle it to open your pores and get all the dirts and oils out ! then RINSE with COLD COLD COLD water not kinda warm lol COLD to close ur pores and keep it clean . Then condition for about 10 minutes ! after that rinse with COLD water again (:

    it should be much easier after that . if u want you could even wrap your hair in the conditioner the night before but instead of rinsing out ur shampoo with cold water rinse with warm too keep ur pores open then put in conditioner to soak into ur roots and sleep with it in ur hair and when u wake up rinse ur hair with COLD water then style your hair (:

    if you have any more questions you can contact me at

    Source(s): 2 years of cosmetology school(:
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    Im the same way. Got2b guardian angel flat iron balm makes my hair lay flat and look thinner. Its cheap and works well.

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    If you HATE your hair, like.. actually hate it.. SHAVE IT OFF. You don't need to keep that sh*t around you.

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