Boobs Size Without Breast Feeding? ?

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my girl wants to know when she gives birth if she doesn't breast feed will it still sag ?
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Breast sags is unrelated to breastfeeding.

The issues that relate to sag are:
Number of pregnancies
Weight gain & loss

Breastfeeding is NOT on the list. Relaxin is released in pregnancy & delivery. It loosens the tendons to make birth possible. It does NOT select which tendons loosen, so they ALL do - including the ones that hold up the breasts. This is more noticeable in some women than others & breast size makes a difference of course, as more weight pulling on a loose tendon is going to cause more stretching in the tendon. So wearing a comfy but supportive bra in pregnancy is actually pretty important if you are worried about sag.
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  • ♛Angela♛ answered 2 years ago
    Saggy breasts are caused by pregnancy. Working out without a sports bra and losing weight to fast. Breast feeding has nothing to do with it. Breast feeding is good for the child and can prevent illnesses, and help the brain develop. It also helps the child's emotional development and mental well being. The CDC recommends breastfeeding until 2 years old.


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  • Saifai answered 2 years ago
    No, it really won't contrary to popular belief. The baby needs that nutrition to help support their health. Aside from genetic issues, there's a few things she can do to help prevent sagging prematurely. Making sure she always wears a good supportive bra appropriate for the breast size. Moisturizing the area also helps. Lose your weight at a moderate weight to help give the skin time to recover that pushing to lose the weight faster would exacerbate. And finally, doing chest exercises to help strengthen those muscles is key. Check the article for more detailed info.


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  • RiitzC answered 2 years ago
    Breasts sag because they lack proper support and the ligaments become weak. Not because of breastfeeding.
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