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Why does my dog have diarrhea?


I have a 6 year old Maltese dog with a severe case of separation anxiety (Meaning he is stressed and anxious a lot of the time)

But last Wednesday, we had to put him in a dog school in the mountains because we were going to travel for the next week and we needed to find one.

He stayed there for 12 days and we picked him up yesterday.

Our trainer told us he had fed him crackers mixed with chicken every day.

Long story short, right after we picked him up, I took him for a walk and he pooed (His stool was normal).

But then yesterday we gave him crackers mixed with TUNA and ever since he kept on whining and he had diarrhea.

Right now he just had diarrhea but with a little bit of blood and I'm REALLY worried right now...He seems fine now he is resting but I am scared to death!!

Also, he has been drinking a lot lately (Probably because his leash is too tight when I take him down)

What might he have???? I have read somewhere that sometimes dogs get diarrhea because of a lifestyle or food change and this week he did experience a lot of changes...But what about the drop of blood???

Please help me I can't got to the vet right now because I live in Lebanon and it's one AM but we're going tomorrow but I'm terrified what if this thing is deadly and he never wakes up?!?! What could this be and how could I make him feel better?! Please help thank you!

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  • 4 years ago

    It just about sounds as though they're both re-appearing to a poison in the instant environment. Does the 'diarrhea dog' (sorry) have a flea collar, or flea ointment patch or had a flea dip not too long ago? He could be reacting to the insecticide, and your second dog might also be having a an identical response. (when you've got flea issues, try feeding a pair brewer's yeast tablets to your puppies - the fleas do not like the style of the blood that brewer's yeast creates. Works for cats too. Not ever use topical pesticides for your animals!!) Is there something within the kennel that you simply use for bedding, or cleansing? If nothing obvious involves mind from the above recommendations, get your animals to a vet right away. It fairly does sound like a poisoning of some form.

  • 8 years ago

    Ahh, dogs don't take well to fish. Every dog I've seen ear fish that isn't a husky has thrown it back up. Another option is was this canned tuna or fresh? Because if it is fresh a bone may have caught, causing the blood. Yes this could all be down to a change in his life and a dog with anxiety might well take it harder than others. The excessive drinking might also indicate something stuck in his throat. Just keep an eye and get him to a vet when you can.

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    8 years ago

    First of all, never feed your dog fish. Second of all take him back to the vet. If he is drinking lots of water it could be a urinary infection, Diabetes, or dehydration. CATS EAT FISH NOT DOGS. You Probably are going to kill the poor thing if you feed him more tuna

  • 8 years ago

    take her to the vet

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