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Can my six year old dog survive Pravo?

He's had a lOt of diarrhea with blood and I saw his passport today: He has never taken the Pravo vaccine. (Which is is very odd because he's had his other vaccines.

I'm now determined he has Pravo And I'm going to the vet today (He started having third Yesterday morning).

I don't know if it's this or another thing (See my previous question for details http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjXzT...

But if my six year old has Pravo....could he survive? :'(

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    It 's called Parvo, not pravo. Most vaccinations, apart from rabies are for multilple diseases such as Parvo, Heptatitis and Distermper. We call that a C3 vaccination here. Which vaccinations has your dog had?

    Your link takes us to a deleted question.

    I don't know what you mean by (He started having third yesterday) Would you please clarify what that means.

    There are reasons other than Parvo that cause blood in the feces.

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    If this dog has any possibility of parvo get this dog to a vet now and warn the vet in advance as precautions by the vet will need to be taken .|

    But has this dog had any vomiting as its usually bloody smelly diarrhea and the smell is something you cant miss along with vomiting .

    if the dog just has bloody diarrhea it may not be parvo many intestinal problems can just cause bloody Diarrhea.

    The dog should of been vaccinated against Parvo but what ever the dog has it needs to see a vet now .

    Parvo if that is what it is has a 50/50 chance a vet will always give a guarded prognosis .,

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    Stay positive,bloody stool does not always mean parvo,things like worms,parasites and colitis can cause bloody diarrhea as well.

    Take him in now if you can but whatever you do make sure he stays hydrated.If he does not have parvo than please get him updated as soon as possible on his parvo vaccine.To be honest I have never heard of a six year old dog having parvo,but that does not mean they cant get it.Getting prompt vet care will increase your dog's chances of survival if it is parvo.Good luck and please try not to worry to much.

    Source(s): Parvo experience
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