what ever happened to the band "Coney Hatch"?

In the '80's I loved the band Coney Hatch. A lot of old bands are getting back together these days and was wondering if Coney Hatch was doing the same.

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    8 years ago
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    I still own their first couple LP's on vinyl. Preferred the debut overall...the songs "Monkey Bars" and "Devils Deck" were decent. The debut self titled LP was also produced by Kim Mitchell if I recall. Due to their vocals, they reminded me of a heavier version of Loverboy, a band I could only handle in small doses to be honest...so that kind of ruined Coney Hatch for me. I saw them live a few times during the early 80's, which was the best way to hear them IMO, and outside a small handful of songs from that debut, they're really nothing special to me.

    During the early 90's, bassist Andy Curan was in the band Soho 69...and Carl Dixon released a mediocre solo album around the same time.

    Coney Hatch did reunite a couple years ago, playing small clubs etc...and made an appearance at The Festival Of Friends in the Hamilton/Ancaster region of Ontario in 2010 as well. They also released a new album this year...haven't heard it yet though.

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    From lead vocalist and guitarist Carl Dixon's website..

    CONEY HATCH NEWS FLASH - 03/24/2012

    Commencing in two weeks, Carl, Andy, Steve and Dave are convening in a studio in Toronto to record a new album set for summer release to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our first album.

    The band’s UK debut at Firefest last October went so well that we were immediately offered a European record deal. We’ll be recording our first new music in many years.

    In support of the new album, we are planning more concerts in 2012. The first one is just around the corner at the Edelweiss in Kitchener/Waterloo on Saturday, March 31st. We'll be test-driving some new material as well as swinging through the Monkey Bars and dealing from the Devil's Deck!

    Look forward to seeing you at the Edelweiss and to keeping you posted on our progress. We’re working to get a single out as soon as possible so you can look forward to having a listen here and at coneyhatch.com


    Carl's been pretty busy with side projects. I had the opportunity to see their 2010 reunion concert at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. Their most recent show was here in Toronto, at The Rockpile this past June.

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    lost in the sea of obscurity my friend. they were a good band but even if they got back together would they still be any good?

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