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Whats my visual acuity ?

im -6.00&-6.75 right to left right eye corrected to 20/25 left eye corrected to 20/45 whats my visualy acuity according to this chart http://www.forces.gc.ca/health-sante/pd/cfp-pfc-15... i gave my self under v3 i was wondering what other would say btw cant go.to eye doctor until next year and.no rude comments please the link.is the canadian forces visual acuity so if you cant.open link just type canadian forces visual acuity and please give me a.grading thanks


i appreciate the time thanks

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    You need to actually call or go to a recruiting center, they can give you up to date info. They will check your eyes during the application process, and send you to a specialist if required to determine if you are eligible.

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