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Is it normal for my cat to have an erection all day?

My cat is 5 months old. I have spotted his penis on a couple occasions, when it protruded while he was washing himself. It always looked really tiny. Today it looks swollen and quite a bit larger, as if it is erect. It's pointing backwards though, and not forwards. Does this mean that he is ready to spray? Or is it a problem? It has been like this all day today! What does it mean, and what should I do?

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  • Ocimom
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    8 years ago
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    No - probably means he has an infection or he's blocking. Get him to the vet today. Is he trying to pee a lot or going in and out of the pan very frequently?

  • 8 years ago

    He is telling you he needs to be neutered.

    Get him neutered.

    Source(s): foster mom of cats/kittens
  • 8 years ago

    Cut his willy off

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