Are democrats against god and Jerusalem being capital of Israel?

democrats left out word god and Jerusalem should be capital of Israel in speeches,when all complained Obama fearing he would lose votes .flip flopped.and tried to say all a mistake,we all know Obama is close to Muslims and he was trying to get both votes from both sides, Israel should not trust Obama,He is more pro Muslim than Jewish,will this hurt him in the election?

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    8 years ago
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    demoncraps are liberals and atheist and they hate America and our sworn loyal allies like Israel. Israel is the holy land and demoncraps hate all that is holy or good.

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  • lare
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    8 years ago

    Considering the DNC talks about faith in the platform on at least a dozen occasions, it was left to the reader to understand that faith is in God. the RNC platform on the other hand speaks to a God without faith, in money do they trust. While Obama wants a DNC platform that conforms to his goals, Romney has already said the RNC platform is not the one he is running on.

    Jerusalem is a divisive issue, one that needs to be worked out between Israel and Palestine. Would we be happy with that outcome, sure. But peace is not yet reached between these two parties. it is highly presuming for the USA to take sides and dash all hope of establishing a lasting understanding between the parties sitting at a table where we are not even invited to speak.

    It is up to Israel as to how they trust either Obama or Romney, flowery platforms mean nothing to them.

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    4 years ago

    it fairly is a sturdy question yet I dont think of San Francisco might make maximum individuals satisfied. you like a independent place. I disagree with putting something to do with faith in a mundane political schedule, and truthfully no longer affirming a foreign places capital of yet another u . s . a . as though we've that burden. back, we'd desire to continuously be independent and all of us knows the Palestinians want East Jerusalem as their capital. This forces the U.S. to help Israel's detrimental rules concerning "judafication" of the occupied territories so there is fairly no longer a chum state.

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    8 years ago

    Israel is a rogue settler state that doesn't deserve any recognition.

    Palestinians cannot go outside at night in Israel, for fear of being beat up by racists. The Zionist state continually forces Palestinians out of their homes and builds settlements, while detaining them without trial.

    Take a stance against Zionism and liberate the people of Palestine from oppression. Zionism is the reason why Jews and Muslims cannot unite under one nation.

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  • 8 years ago

    First--I'm totally for Obama and Israel. That said, for all we know Israel was deliberately left off initially exactly so that Obama could put it back in.

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