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Is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell a book at the grade 12 reading level?

It's for my independent study unit

Is it too easy for grade 12?

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  • Kelley
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    Based on one evaluation, Cloud Atlas is around a 6th or 7th grade reading level as far as vocabulary and sentence structure. The subject matter is better for an older audience.

    The same source, Renaissance Learning lists books like The Charrterhouse of Parma, The Deerslayer and Persuasion as between 11th or 12th grade reading level.

    You should ask your teacher what criteria she uses to judge the grade level of a book.

    I would put Cloud Atlas at an upper high school reading level, but I'm not your teacher.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's an excellent book, but I have no idea what Grade 12 would be in England... but I think Cloud Atlas would be safe either way, as you can either read it at a very surface, simple level, or as a mores killed reader, you can extract more of the themes of the book, the point of the meta-story, etc

    The overall point of the book is more complicated than you might first read it as, with the underlying themes, similarities and reflections running deeper than you might think. It can also be read at another level, when you realise several of the charactors doubt the existance of previous charactors (it uses a short story approach where you get the first half of each story, and the charactors discover the previous story for themselves), which given the overall point of the book is an interesting cause. You can also use the book as a way of exploring the different styles and how they relate to the time period and genre. So, basically, it can be a simple or as complicated as you need.

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    It is definitely not too easy. It's a great book, and well worth reading. You can check out what some "real people" readers thought of it here:


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