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Playing black jack optimal strategy do you hit or stand on two aces and a 4 against the dealers 5?

Okay this is just an example, but there are some areas on the black jack chart I am studying that I am a little unsure of. Mainly being that on alot of the aces and numbers you are supposed to do different things than if your cards add up to the same number without aces or split card combinations. To further the question, the combination of two aces and a four can add up to either 6 or 16 against the dealers five you are supposed to do different things. So what do you do


btw I am thinking about this as a hand sequence

you are dealt an ace and a four against the dealers five so you hit

you get another ace

I realize that you always split on two aces.

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    Study the chart and trust in it. Don't worry too much about "why." If it's an accurate chart, as it probably is, it is derived from millions of simulations of that hand. It needs to be followed religiously.

    I realize you were just giving an example with your post title, but it's a bad example. Why would you EVER stand with two aces? You CAN'T hurt yourself one single bit by hitting... but you certainly MIGHT improve, with an 8 or a 9, for example. You can't make your hand any worse with a hit.

    And yes, you're correct... you know you're supposed to split those aces. But there are other examples where you must hit vs stand. I've seen player's stand when hitting on a soft total will NOT hurt them at all, but MIGHT help them. In those situations, ALWAYS hit.

    With an Ace and a 4, aren't you supposed to double on that, against a dealer's 5? So your additional details question is irrelevant here too.

    For all practical purposes, if you have 15 (for example) it doesn't matter HOW that 15 is arrived at, or how many cards you have. Make the same play as you would for any other combination of 15.

    Again, study the chart. Learn it inside and out, forward and backward, so that you instantly know the proper decision to make on every hand.

    Source(s): I own almost 40 books on blackjack and I've been playing the game for almost 40 years.
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  • Anonymous
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    When you are have A-4-A vs. a 5, the correct play is to hit.

    You might argue and say that you can turn a soft 16 (A-4-A) into a hard 12 (A-4-A-6), but these hands hold the same value in that situation. They both hope the dealer busts, since the dealer is hitting until 17-21 or busting his hand. So basically, hitting is the correct play because you cannot worsen your situation; you can only better it.

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  • 8 years ago

    Generally, an ace in a blackjack hand is a cue to hit, unless its paired with anything 6 or above. Remember, the dealer must draw to 16 & stand at 17, so anything that brings you over that base is a good bet. Hitting on a low card is a mixed bag. Too low on the hit & you're risking a high bust on the next turn, too high & you're locked into a hand that has potential, but then you're playing luck, not the odds. Dealers have a tendency to surprise you with their luck, so play safe until you're looking at a cert. If a dealer shows anything 5 or lower, odds are he'll go bust on the turn. Good luck!

    Source(s): I was a croupier.
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  • pdq
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    8 years ago

    Are you serious? 2 aces and a 4 make a SOFT 16!

    Are you EVER going to stand on soft 16??? If so, you should NEVER be playing Blackjack.

    Seriously, dude - you are the most clueless person when it comes to gambling, yet you continue to answer questions as if you know something other people don't. You continue to pose questions that show you are obsessed with gambling, and that there must be some magic way to take advantage of the casinos. You are CLUELESS. Accept it, and go on to something else. Your life is going to end up down the toilet if you continue this pursuit.

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  • 3 years ago

    Wow extremely?!?! Your asking this? in elementary terms a million hand can beat a 20 and that's 21. additionally if the broker has a three, 4, 5, or 6 the broker has a extra advantageous risk of busting. quite with a 5 or 6. supply up enjoying for authentic funds till you study the activity.

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