Any plane crash TV shows or movies?

So I'm a fan of the show LOST, I loved the Discovery Kids show Flight 29 Down when I was younger, and I'm on the hunt for a new survival story. Preferably a TV show, because it's longer, but I wouldn't be against watching a REALLY good movie. Also, it doesn't absolutely have to have these things, but preferably something modern with teenagers or young adults, so that it's more relatable to me. I have no idea if there are any other shows like this, so anyone know of any?

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    I do not know of any latest television shows of air disasters but here are some of the BEST movies of plane crashes and survivor.

    "Cast Away" - You knew this one would be on the list. Tom Hanks stars in this mega hit as his plane crashes, he floats onto a deserted island where he discovers he is the only survivor. He must now find out if he has the instincts to survive. No doubt one of the best airplane crash movies ever.

    "Alive" - In this movie a rugby teams plane crashes onto a mountain where they must make decisions that no man should have to make. This movie is easily one of the ten best airplane crash movies simply because it is based on a real story.

    "We Are Marshall" - When a college football team all die in a plane crash, the school is facing adversity. The debate? Should they play the 1971 season? Some think it is disrespectful while the others believe it is a great way to honor the team.

    "Final Destination" - ever wonder what happens when you cheat death? Well when a group of students cheat death and get off a plane that they thought might crash, they figure out the consequences. This has the best plane crash scene ever, which put's it on our list of the ten best airplane crash movies.

    "Cloverfield" - Although this movie may not be based around a plane crash like the others, it still has an epic plane crash scene. Just when your not expecting it, the monster strikes down a plane which crashes right in front of the camera, making it one of the more intense plane crashes on this list. this movie no doubt deserves a spot on our list of the ten best airplane crash movies.

    "The Edge" - What happens when your plane flies into a flock of geese? Well your going to have to watch this movie to find out. I will tell you the result is pretty gruesome, giving it an "edge" on our list of the ten best airplane crash movies.

    "Airplane! - what happens when everyone on your flight gets food poisoning including the pilot? Well it is not a good result, that is all i willing to indulge about this movie. It is very worthy of being considered one of the ten best airplane crash movies though.

    "United 93"- Based on the true story of passengers ruining a terrorist plot on 9/11, this movie takes into account what happened on this flight. This movie gets the nod for one of the ten best airplane crash movies for the bravery of these few American doing what almost nobody else would

    "Con Air" - Any plane landing you walk away from is a good one, except for this one. When a plane has to make an emergency crash landing in the bright lights of Las Vegas, the results are very damaging. This movie gets the nod for one of the best airplane crash movies because of the amazing visuals of the plane crash.

    "Passenger 57"- What would you do if your on a passenger jet when terrorist decide to take it over? Well that is what the security officer in this movie is forced to do when he finds himself in this situation. This movie tackles real issues making it one of the ten best airplane crash movies.

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    Plane Crash Movies List

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    ghost whisperer did a episode with a plane crash it was the season one finale

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    My fav is Con Air! But I additionally love the Turbulance movies (even though they planes do not crash its nonetheless quality movies!) *Alive *battle club (love, love this movie-waht a paranoid freak!) LOL! *ultimate vacation spot *Fearless *solid Away *the edge *airplane! *Flight of the Phoenix *Die hard 2 Plus, like the historical past channel had a seem into noted airplane crashes in historical past, they released a dvd featuring clips and stuff. That will height your intrest! Rather than that I are not able to consider of any more!

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