Time-Reading Problem?

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and will attend a web conference online this September 13, 2012. My instructor told me to see her at 8 PM, however, I am not sure whether my time reading is correct.

Can anyone help me on interpreting this session? What do Pacific, Centra, and EDT mean? What is the difference of EDT from EST?

Session 2: Thursday September 13 at 6pm Pacific; 8pm Central; 9pm Eastern (EDT); 11am Melbourne (Fri Sept 14)

Can anyone also explain to me the concept of the 11 am Melboure (Fri September 14) above?

Thank you to those who reply immediately.


My instructor lives in VIctoria, Australia. I'm thinking that if I attend her conference, it's gonna be 8 pm on my time, and 11 am on Australia.

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    Winnipeg is currently on Central Daylight Time (CDT) -- the same as Chicago. If your instructor said 8 p.m., I'm sure she meant it, but you don't say where she's located. If she's in Winnipeg, her time and your time are the same.

    The continental U.S. uses five time zones: Eastern, Central (yours), Mountain, Pacific, and Alaskan. The Canadian Maritimes use Atlantic time.

    From March until November, most of North America is on Daylight time which means sundown is an hour later than otherwise. From November until March, most areas switch back to Standard time so the sun rises earlier.

    Time zones circle the globe, with a 24-hour discontinuity at the International Date Line in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

    If it's 8 p.m. in Winnipeg (Central Daylight Time - CDT), then it's 9 p.m. where I am in the Eastern time zone (EDT). I often talk to Sydney, Australia, and I know to add two hours and switch between a.m. and p.m. So if it's 9 p.m. here, I know it's 11 a.m. in Sydney.

    According to your conference schedule, it appears to me that Sydney and Melbourne are in the same time zone.

    To answer your question a bit more, the main reason why Melbourne time is so different than Winnipeg time is that daylight in Melbourne is night-time in Winnipeg and vice-versa. Ultimately, it's because the earth spins around. (And time zones reflect the 24-hour per day system.)

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