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Are the Jesuits and/or Masons involved in these illegal invasions and destabilization in the US lately?

History of the Jesuits corroborates their involvement in many centuries, even in America (Paraguay, the US, etc).


Two of the greatest demons are here: Fear and Ignorance. History speaks for itself, read History of the Jesuits: a Multibiography. 1995. or the hundreds of other volumes existing from the entire world, from different people. Paul said, not me: "I know that after my death RAVENOUS WOLVES will enter the Congregation, and will NOT treat the flock with affection." This happened alright.

Update 2:

Michael B - According "The History of the Jesuits; a Multibiography" The Illuminati were created by Hauptman who actually taught Canon Law in a Jesuit University, coached BY the Jesuits. Like I said, two demons, ignorance and fear.

Update 3:

Pacific View - Do not be naive; Brzinsky (Obama's mentor) IS a Catholic Knight of Malta. This Order was created by the Jesuits. The Council on Foreign Relations is dominated by the Knights of Malta, who is a Military AND a Religious Order. A close person to Booth (Lincoln assessin) went to the Vatican for Refuge. Coincidence? Please open your eyes; all the countries in the region are Catholics.

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    Oh man I thought this was a joke..but your serious...oh my.

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    No, it's obviously the Zionists and the Illuminati.

    These are just two branches of the same organisation; their organisation manual (the Quatrains of Nostradamus) is written in a secret code whose key was lost until it was deciphered by the establishment at Bletchley park, and put into effect from the 1940s by the British Labour Party - a card-carrying branch of world-wide Zionism.

    In a word son, grow up. Come down from planet Zog and discover the world the rest of us live in.

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    Are there enough of them to do some illegal invaisons?

    I attended a Jesuit University--far from subversive.

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