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LKat asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 9 years ago

Close friends or Best friends?

I was just wondering how you would define the difference between a close friend and a best friend. In my experience, I've had friends who I thought were a best friend but seem to be drifting away. Right now, I share practically everything with the person I consider my BFF besides things that could hurt her (the fact that I don't like her bf, feel like I'm losing her as we get older, etc.). My BFF and I live in different cities and we're both busy but I try to e-mail her often and ask for news. She always replies with very little news of what she's up to or school, or life in general, then asks me for more news (I practically write novels compared to her, and I sort of expect the same back but it rarely, if ever, happens). On the other hand, I've been developing a friendship with someone that I trust enough to talk about practically anything, including issues I have with my BFF. I think one thing that makes me comfortable with sharing personal things with them is that they haven't met any of the people I mention, despite almost knowing everything about them (from what I've written). I would classify this person as a close friend, in the sense that I share a lot of private things with them and it's reciprocated, rather than just a good friend who might not always be there for you, as I've seen on some other Q&A here on Answers.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I find close friends can sometimes be there for you more than a best friend can. like I can count on them to get back to me or give advice about hard things more than my BFF can right now.

I don't know, it's just my impression... What do you think?

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  • 9 years ago
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    In my opinion I think of a best friend as being the best person you ever had in your presence. A best friend is someone you can share all your problems, secrets, and opinions with. If you two face a bad situation you try with all your might to work it out. There never gonna sit there and let others bully you and usually they will be there with you (not at all times) and their gonna help you and encourage you to do whats right.

    A close friends is someone you associate with, but its like you can only give them a minimun of your info out to them. Maybe you also dont know much about them like you two will do things together but only rarely. If others bully you like joking, and judging you she/he might just sit there and do nothing or maye just leave the crowd while your sitting there suffering. But all of his stuff can change. They could go from bestie to buddy and from buddy to bestie its common to lose some connection with your friends the older you get. Its mostly school that interfere with this and moving away also. But remeber your enimies could end up being your bestie to to be prepared if something like that happens to you. Hope this helped you out

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