how much trouble am i going to be in?

How much trouble am i going to be in for trespassing and a concealed weapon, the weapon was a taser and i walked threw a public park after it closed. they are my first offence.

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  • Mary C
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    8 years ago
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    What is the situation? Did you actually get arrested and taken to jail? Or did you just get a citation for the offenses? Is this a 'big' offense in your area to be in the park after closing? And how serious it it to carry a taser in your jurisdiction? I guess you need to consult with an attorney about this.

    Although the charges seem 'trumped up,' I don't know the situation in your jurisdiction.

    Actually, I have a problem with Public Parks being 'closed' after a certain time. Of course one cannot use the swimming pool or playground equipment; or walk on hiking trails in the park; or visit whatever centers/buildings are there after dark. I see no reason that one cannot walk through the park if it is the most direct route to one's home.

    I hope you beat this one! Cripes! Your taxes pay for the park! Can't you just walk through it on your way home!?! It's not like you were looking to "tase" people!

    Definitely run this by a lawyer!

  • 8 years ago

    Talk to a lawer

  • Cee
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    8 years ago

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