Which would be a better degree?

I am trying to decide between a:

BSc. in Environmental Science


BSc. in Natural Resource Management

** Both of these interest me but I want to take financial considerations into account too.

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  • DS
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    8 years ago
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    The real jobs dealing with the environment and natural resources aren't going to go to people with those majors. If its really the field you want to work in, then you would want to look at a degree in civil engineering with a focus in environmental engineering. That's where the money, job security, and job openings are.

    The other side of environmental issues is on the policy side and those jobs are going to go to people with law degrees.

    Of those two you listed... I would say natural resource management because that will have a more business like approach to your learning. All work, when you get past the ideological bs, is business.

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