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Workout routine for starters?

I just started working out about a a month ago, august 18th to be exact. I've been workout out 3 times a week and I started working every muscle group seperatly. I usally take protein shakes right after but after a month, I havn't really noticed a difference in my muscle growth ( very slim ). I have a home gym because my dad works out alot. I'm 6'0'' and 141lbs and I want to put on alot of muscle. I recently lost about 60lbs of fat because I did alot of cardio but now I want to put on muscle. I want to put muscle on fast. My diet is only healthy food (black beans, tofu, fish, tuna, sandwhichs with only loads of veggies in it,ect...). What is a good workout routine for starters and when should I add more weights ect.. (I'm looking for a workout routine that consists of excersices that work mutiple muscle groups at once). Btw I'm 15 about to be 16 in a month.

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    Compound lifts.. The big three and olympic two



    Bench Press

    Clean and Jerk


    these 5 lifts will build muscle like nothing else.. push your limits

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