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Clothing stores in Canada that sell good-quality but relatively inexpensive basics?

Like tees, tanktops, sweaters, etc. Thanks!

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    You do need to be realistic about "relatively inexpensive" you won't find 10$ jeans and 5$ shirts, but Old Navy sells good everyday basics and very reasonable prices. You get the best deals if you buy things offered in their weekend special promotions -that's when they have the best prices. Bluenotes also has good basic jeans, tees, casual shirts and tops for very good prices. Bootlegger sells clothes with a bit more of a rocker edge and while regular prices are a bit high their sales and promotions priced pieces are good deals. Le Chateau has some very fashion forward styles and basics for excellent prices. H&M has some good basics for both dress and casual. For girls only Suzy Sheir and Reitmans sell lots of reasonably priced mix and match coordinates for the modern girl. For guys and girls Fairweather, International Clothiers, Stitches and Urban Behavior all sell both girls and guys clothing in modern contemporary styles. And there's also Zellers for a few more months before they close. In a couple months your local Zellers might be having some real big sales before they close up for good.

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    Forever 21 is cheap, and the quality is so-so. I've had some forever 21 pieces last pretty long though so you can try that.

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