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Steven Ridley or Jamaal Charles?

Im not sure you to start for my Flex! Steven Ridley or Jamaal Charles? I also have Pierre Garcon, Jeremy Maclin and Brandon Lafell. Both Garcon and Maclin are hurt, so i kinda wrote them off already.

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    Tough because Charles has lacked so far but I think this is were it ends for him and he turns it on because he plays the Saints. Ridley is the safer pick looking good but he plays the Ravens. I would give a chance to Charles he is a risk because he hasn't looked good because they always get behind and have to throw the ball. Go with Charles! good luck

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    6 years ago

    Jamaal Charles

  • 8 years ago

    Jamaal Charles versus the struggling New Orleans Saints defense.

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    I will play lafell....tonights game is going to b an all air it game...both teams r going to pass alot more and run alot less this game. Charles is is hurting a lityle with that knee from last week and hasnt showed nothing yet...this could be a good week for hin because they r playing saints d but if u want guaranteed pts go lafell if u r a gambling man and want to try and hit a homerun or strikeout go charles

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  • 8 years ago

    ones facing the Saints the other the Ravens.......that should be enough to answer your question

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