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pokemon white, pokemon team rating competitively and team suggestion?

hey internet i have a pokemon team that i find is pretty stable but i would like to know your opinion think of it competitively


item: life orb

ev: 252 atk 252 speed

nature adamant

ability: justfied


-x scissor


-close combat

-rock slide


item: focus sash

ev: 252 attack 252 speed

nature: adamant

ability: speed boost


-blaze kick



-swords dance


item:lum berry

ev: 252 atk 252 speed

nature: adamant

ability: multiscale


-dragon dance





item: toxic orb

ev: 252 atk 252 speed

nature: adamant

ability: guts



-brave bird


-quick attack


item: choice scarf

ev: 252 atk 252 speed

nature: adamant

ability: rivalry



-dragon dance




item: mental herb

ev 252 def 252 spe. def

nature: calm

ability: sturdy



-toxic spikes

-stealth rock

-rapid speed

any suggestion would be greatly appreciated ^^ could you also rate my team competitively ^^

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    I dont write boring paragraphs like most of these team raters, i just give the facts.

    You have a good range of pokemon, with at least one type of move in there capable of beating all pokemon types. However all of your pokemon have higher Physical Attack than Special Attack, invest in at least one pokemon specialising in Special Attack, preferally two.

    Hope this helps.

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    lots of physical sweepers... but they seem balanced enough.

    i notice a lack of elemental variety. absolutely no boltbeam? you could at least run one boltbeamer. drop one of your dragons, or the legendary for whatever you like. i prefer starmie cuz i like the blend of spd and sp.atk. but its only mid-high tier and you seem to prefer very high tier pokes. the only mid i see here is swellow. overall its a bit too focussed for my tastes, but it seems REALLY aggro so you might not have any of the problems mentioned

    Source(s): btw there are better sites to get this info from. im not into pokes competitively anymore and dont remember those places but they are not hard to find.
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