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Is this response about the US president totally wrong? (if so, explain?)?

This is part of a lengthy response given by someone on a question posed.

I thought I'd get your input to show it was totally wrong, and how it

was wrong.

Unless, of course it is not wrong.

In any case, knowing more about this would help.

Obama ... supports Islam, bows to foreign leaders, apologizes for Americans to foreign leaders, supports Islam, was taught in Muslim schools, was influenced by hater Rev. Wright and other shady radicals, has ignored the attacks on our Embassies, gives Israel's Prime Minister, Netanyahu, the "empty chair, yet finds time with Letterman and the pirate, encourages Americans to get on welfare and depend on the government rather than work, outsources jobs that Americans would love to do, bails out companies that still go bankrupt, is slowly taking away our constitutional rights … but you see where our country is headed under Obama. …bring us DOWN. He does not possess true American values.

There are many supporters for B. Obama and critiquing this will help

you know your position better and give links to support your stance.

For those who are not for the president, then you could add any

support or links for this.


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    Barack Obama loves socialist ideas. He is not a bad person, he is just not good for this country. America is a democracy, we do not want to turn to socialism. He needs to be voted out of office, and I would advise people to go see Obama 2016. He will destroy America and completely diminish our Founding Fathers ideas. Romney is not the best choice I admit, but he will do a much better job then Obama. The unemployment rate has almost doubled since Obama took office. People do not realize how much bad he has done to America because liberal channels try to hide all of it.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    First of all it is wrong because it is completely bias.... Obama hardly bows to foreign leaders. I believe the disagreement between the US and foreign countries supporting islam is so messed up right now; I think that Obama helped smooth **** over BIG TIME though. Doesnt his work show? I think alot of Americans need to realize that a disagreement involving millions of peoples religious views takes time to work out. I think some Americans need to take a step back and recognize all that he has done for the United States. In the response the person stated that he supports islam...well, what aspects of the religion? i could hardly see obama performing an honor killing. theres lots of good aspects to islam as well as bad (in my eyes). Who said he was influenced negatively by Rev Wright. So what if he was taught in muslim school?

    Alot of the info isnt fact and its just extremely bias, any arguement or response is not a good one or rlly a valid one if its that bias. Hes not trying to take away constitutional rights i dont think? ive never heard that. And I think its pretty screwy that Americans are acutally complaining about him encouraging wellfare, theres actually probably more trying to get on welfare than complaining about it.

    Yes i do see where the USA is heading under Obama, to a hopefull future. 4 years is not a long time when dealing with a country and extreme political unrest in other countries.

    If i was an American citizen i would vote for Obama in this upcoming electio; if he accomplished as much as he did in the last 4 years as he does in the next i would vote for him again.

    That argument they posted was annoying to read too :/ I hate one sided ****, and if theyre gonna b so opinionated they should own up to it and say "i believe" or "i think" instead of stating everything as fact.

    Source(s): my joosie joosie brain
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  • 8 years ago

    The Republicans have nothing good to say about Obama, and they've been coming up with bad things to say about him for about five years now (they started before he was elected). They come up with new bad stuff all the time, but they repeat the old stuff with it, so it sounds like a lot. And the thing is, it doesn't matter whether these things are true or not, they believe them.

    They did the same with Clinton when he was in office. Republicans to this day believe Clinton had staff members murdered because they knew too much, raped a woman, and sold US nuclear secrets to the Chinese. There was never enough evidence for any of those to even bring an indictment.

    Now they're doing it with Obama, just piling up one lie after another. React in fake outrage to everything he says or does. If Obama -did- do something outrageous, how would we know?

    So basically the argument is: "Why is Obama still president when we can make up all this malicious sh*t about him?"

    (I won't waste everyone's time by answering the whole laundry list. If you're interested, message me for one answer at a time. 8^) ).

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Whether it's wrong to say that or not, still it is exactly the truth. He is not exaggerating one bit and the American people need to be warned about him, just like the Germans needed to be warned about Hitler and most had no idea what was going on. In fact, some of the top men who were working closely with him didn't even know. Obama does many secret things too, and evil. The Terrorists could take over if he gets re-elected after he becomes dictator (if what I read comes true). He signed papers to become dictator after one year of re-election. He's using voter fraud and doing many tricky things, even threatening people.

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  • 8 years ago

    The problem with that response is that it is true...from a certain point of view. As Obie Won Kanobie observed, you will find that a great many truths we hold onto in this life depend on your point of view. I for one happen to subscribe to the above view (well most of it anyway) but then I know that I do not like the guy, so for me this is just more for me to get riled up over so I can vote him out of office.

    To be fair, parts of this are probably true to a limited extent, but most of it seems to be a little extremist in nature.

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  • 4 years ago

    for sure international kinfolk is a reliable ingredient. human beings are hated around the international by way of Bush coverage of invading different countries and killing the voters who merchandise. Obama is coming up communicate which will lead in the course of a extra ideal know-how and peace. it really is the right ingredient to do. (Pheemz receives my vote. nicely written mate).

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  • 8 years ago

    Totally wrong. Since you're a conservatives, you hate reality.

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