I want to become a Marine...?

Ever since i was a little kid in India (I'm oriental though) growing up, i wanted to be in the military. Now i am a sophomore in highschool with stellar grades in America (i moved here was i was 5). I am also a part of my high school wrestling team. I plan to go to college but i also want become a marine officer. i have talked to my parents already about joining the military, but they brushed it off as something that would never happen. i am the only son in my father's side of the family they say, and they dont want to lose me. i feel a sense of calling within me, a patriotic feeling, and i want to become a part of that legendary brotherhood. Also my religion, Tibetan Buddhism, diss-allows me from harming others. i am in a awkward situation. any advice would be appreciated. thanks.


Although i am not a person who enjoys harming others, i can do whatever is needed to be done. to be honest, ive always felt insensitive about death. I am not afraid to harm or die because even at this young, ive already accepted death as an inevitability. it's my parents im worried about. what they will think of what i do...

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  • 8 years ago
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    if you value your religion, don't join because you will be harming others. You will be harming them before they hurt you or your men however..

    you can be patriotic without joining the military. or you could join a job that doesn't put you on the front lines (staff paperwork, supply, mechanic, etc)

    always know you can be put in harms way and have to defend yourself during combat.. remember that. I don't want somebody in a firefight next to me complaining about religion when they need to be scanning their sector.

    Source(s): 7 years army, 2 tours in afghanistan. currently at the horn of panjuwai.
  • 8 years ago

    The Marines are the front line troops. Your religion does not fit with the Marines. I'd suggest you instead look at the Coast Guard or the Navy, and see if those fit better with your religion. Those are less likely to put you into direct combat situations, and yet you can serve your country and really make a contribution.

    Do you speak an Indian or Asian language? If so, even if you're not fluent, then another option for you is the Army, and the Defense Language Institute. You'd learn an in-demand language needed by the US government, and then you'd work in intelligence. This would allow you to make a major contribution to the US, without having to go against your religious beliefs.

    Another option for you, either instead of the military or after it, is to work for the US government. For example, with your background, you may be a fit for the US State Department, working for the Foreign Service. So once college is done, consider serving your country in a role such as this. It's non-military, but it's extremely valuable. This career would also work well after you do your military service.

  • 8 years ago

    The Marines are in the business of delivering death and destruction as an instrument of national policy as directed by the President. Every Marine is a rifleman and you will likely get orders to eventually deliver harm at some time. If you cannot handle that, you have no business joining the Marines.

    Instead, I suggest the Coast Guard. When a person is in trouble there is nothing more beautiful to see than a Coast Guard chopper.

    The Coast Guard will allow you to follow your religious beliefs and serve your country. It will be the service that will make your parents proud.

    Also to get into the Coast Guard academy for officer training, you do not need a congressional recommendation.

    Join the Coast Guard and get out there to save lives.

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