Help identifying a bug in Japan?

I live in Japan, and recently I've seen these large flying bugs around the city. I honestly thought they were the horrifying Japanese wasp at first glance, because they have a black and yellow underbelly. I had the opportunity to get a closer look today (no camera on me, unfortunately).

Body approximately two inches (5cm) long, similar wingspan. Wings are clear and jut out from the body in a "v" shape. The body has three different sections - the top near the head was green and about half an inch long. The main portion of the body looked to be white, and this was about an inch and a half. The third section was also about half an inch, and was yellow and black. While I was looking at it, I noticed that this yellow and black section was fuzzy, and appeared to be bristling a little. I think the underside is yellow and black with some sort of pattern at least one inch long.

Just curious, if anyone can help, I would appreciate it!

2 Answers

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