I broke my finger...?

So I broke my finger almost three weeks ago (September 5th) during a field hockey practice. The doc said i'd be out for three weeks and that the fracture is at the very tip of my finger and there is a lot of nerve damage, so if i hurt it again I could be facing a life of nerve damage in my finger, which she said is supposed to be very painful. I have iced it as she said, and haven't done anything for almost three weeks now. I have missed almost half of my hockey season, which is a problem because I'm one of the best players on my team (not trying to brag). The day after my follow up appointment (which is this tuesday) I have a game and my team is really hurting without me, and im hurting without them. Is there any way to make sure that I get a good followup appointment? Any tips to make the healing go a tad bit quicker? Thank youuu! Please no rude comments :)

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    If it's the tip then you need a plastic finger stall which will protect it from damage. No reason to miss further games

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