Where can I find Ubuntu 12.04 non pae download?

Hi I'm looking for a download link for Ubuntu 12.04 (non pae version)

I've downloaded this before a couple months ago but can't remember what I did with the file, so I need to download it again. I've been looking for it all day in Google so I've come here to ask.

Also while I'm on the subject of Linux. Is there a basic light weight modern looking Linux that resembles Chrome OS something thats not outdated like most Linux distributions that aren't Ubuntu.


Maybe I should have been more specific on the word (outdated) I'm a big fan of Linux and have tried many. I guess what I'm trying to explain is that most of the small Linux OS are old and outdated but I know the big ones like Mint Fedora KDE Redhat and so on are up to date but can lack hardware support on certain laptop computers and Ubuntu 12.04 is the only one I've tried so far that supports the hardware on my laptop.

I love the look and feel of Fedora 17 and I would install that, but Fedora 17 doesn't support my sound card, or Built in blue tooth and built in card reader. So I need my sound working at the very least and Ubuntu 12.04 is the only one that has it.

I'm still learning about Linux.

I'm burnt out on looking for Chrome OS there are no download links for that??

Flash player issues is another problem on some Linux OS and DVD MP4 decoders aren't available for some.

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  • eric k
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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    You want super cutting edge?

    Try Gentoo or Arch.

    If you mean outdated aesthetically, then theme it to look how you want; customization is one of the strong point of Linux over competing platforms.

    As for the pae kernel, all you'd have to do is install the generic kernel packages from the standard Ubuntu repository and then uninstall the pae kernel packages, no download link hunting necessary.

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  • 8 years ago

    Um. Look here for the non-PAE:


    Bluntly though, the comment about "outdated like most Linux distributions" is offensive to those of us who use programs like Fedora or in my case Slackware64-current which are the TESTING versions of our OSes. Try installing Gentoo if you want to know what an up-to-date OS is. Ubuntu isn't.

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  • David
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Its "looks" you are talking about ie not old fashioned looking.

    Linux is not like windows as you are FREE to do anything.

    I use puppy linux of which are meny versions called puplets.

    Just use a linux distro with an xfce, JMW or icewm windows manager and learn how to make it look different. You can add things like a wbar (mac like) or have no meny and have a minimalist desktop.

    Or arrange for google chrome to pop up and have a minimal desktop.

    Just make your own.

    You can also do rotating screens and cubes with multiple desktops

    I use puppy linux of which are meny versions called puplets.

    On the puppy linux murga forum and look at additional software subsection eye candy.

    When done if you use puppy linux you can remaster to an iso and give it to your friends!!!!

    Source(s): I work as a Linux educator, My day job. And I use Puppy Linux in the office with clients and at home, as its a mid range Linux with no restrictions therefore puppy is a great learning tool as well as an every day desktop. I have used Puppy since version 0.1 in June 2003 and professionally for the last 7 years. I have not used any microsoft product for 4 years. Puppy linux http://puppylinux.org/main/Overview%20and%20Gettin... http://www.puppylinux.com/ Forum Very good http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/
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  • 8 years ago

    most linux distributions are not outdated,

    the version i use is totally up to date, same as the version my daughter uses,

    its pretty easy to update, mandriva, mageia and pclinuxos do it before first boot after install - and they have nothing to do with ubuntu,

    debian is up to date - its where ubuntu comes from,

    so realistically speaking ubuntu is out of date,

    and do you know what pae is ?

    i guess not because if you did then you would know you have to update your kernel to the pae enabled kernel

    its Physical Address Extension - it allows 32bit linux to read upto 64gb ram

    you need a system that uses proprietary modules, fedora doesn't,

    mandriva does, i use bluetooth on my system, all media decoders are available and flash is the latest version for linux,

    Source(s): full time linux user
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  • Anonymous
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  • 8 years ago

    You need to learn how to use Google search, I found this first try:

    And, most popular Linux Distros are free, and, up to date.

    Why wouldn't you just install Chrome OS, get it free, here:

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