One piece Portgas D. Ace?

Can you please list me five reasons why are beloved fire fist is awesome? I need it for school

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  • 8 years ago
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    1) Ace would do anything for his family, whether it's going after a psychotic jerk like Teach or sacrificing his life for his little brother.

    2) Ace is determined and never goes back on his word--even to the point that he attempted to kill Whitebeard, the man dubbed by the world as the strongest, for 100 days. Even after fighting Jinbe into a tie after five days! And not to mention that Jinbe is a fishman that knows WATER karate and Ace is a FIRE logia.

    3) Ace is so charismatic that his crew would come save him, even when he gave a captain's order (which is the highest order on a ship) for them to leave and that they would have to fight against Whitebeard and his crew of 1600 New World pirates.

    4) Though Ace is proud, he'd go through humiliating lessons to learn how to apologize from Makino just to formally apologize to Shanks, at the risk of his own life since the Red Hair Pirates didn't know him at all until their first meeting. And Ace actually swallowed his pride to bend his head down and apologize for his little brother and thank him. That takes guts, considering how Ace never bows and Shanks is a rival Yonko.

    5) Ace lived under his father's shadow and the doubt of whether he deserved to live or not. That's just too... amazing. To know that your father is Roger and that most of the world hated him and would do anything to torture Roger's son--him--is just too heavy of a burden to bear... but he did it. And Ace lived til the end. Shouting to the world that Whitebeard was his father as well, in the end. In that aspect, Ace creates a whole new identity for himself, completely throwing off his father's shadow and cutting off all relations with the Pirate King to start anew.

    Ace is just too awesome for words, dude.

  • 4 years ago

    I read each sequence. Itachi would make a better brother than Ace, at the least for me. I found Ace slightly annoying, but he was once still cool i suppose. I might no longer like to fulfill him in actual lifestyles although. :/ And lol. Itachi wouldn't kill any person in actual lifestyles, in his sequence, he was compelled to kill his parents and had no alternative and averted a world war by using doing so. He cherished his household and residence more than anything. Even whilst enjoying the role of the dangerous man, he nonetheless saved Sasuke riskless and even prevented the Akatsuki from getting Naruto. He saved the shinobi world and stored it steady throughout his existence. Even now, he turned probably the most villains from the series right into a excellent guy and that former villain is saving Sasuke as a result of Itachi's influence. Itachi is bascially saving Sasuke from beyond the grave indirectly. No other brother in anime/manga comes practically that. I imply relatively. What older brother can retailer their sibling, even after they've handed away? Handiest Itachi.(:

  • 8 years ago

    1. A true big brother indeed (protects luffy with his life)

    2. Never backs down

    3. A true nakama(hunts B.B for killing a comrade)

    4. A true hero, dies without regrets

    5. Ace has fire power

  • 8 years ago


    My point of view:

    Ace have fire powers!

    Ace are like a big brother!

    Ace can't ignore when one of his comrades was killed by that traitor!

    Ace have no regrets unless not obey his father that one single time.

    Ace died protecting his "little brother"!

    Girl bonus:

    Shirtless xD

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