Canadian pilot flying to the U.S. - words of advice?

it looks like i'll be flying across the border for the first time in the next couple of weeks, and am interested in hearing any words of wisdom from others who have done so. transport canada vs faa gotchas, that sort of thing.

i've reviewed the faa aim, the relevant charts and afds. anything else a visiting pilot should know?

daytime vfr, btw. first things first. :-)

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  • 8 years ago
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    The major difference (I think) is 'they' are not metric -

    They use statute miles a lot (rather than nautical) -

    And their gallons are NOT imperial gallons but US gallons -

    They have not tried litres yet, like you smart people...

    A US Quart is nearly same as a liter -

    Land at customs airfield nearest to border and give them required notice (time?) -

    Check twice they got the 'advise customs' ('ADCUS') -

    Leaving the USA to go back to Canada, you can leave from anywhere in USA -

    Don't forget to say 'Canadian Cessna' (Piper?) C-GABC initial call -

    Thereafter they probably short it to Canadian Cessna Bravo Charlie -

    If you got 2 VHF COM radios, put the 'other' one on 121.5 -

    Molson and Labatt not too common in USA -

    You need a 'water rating' (to drink their beer) -

    Except their 'Sam Adams' Boston Ale is somewhat decent -


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  • 8 years ago

    Since Canada and the US both (more or less) follow ICAO procedures, you won't have any problems with ATC or general navigation.

    The only possible challenge will be from the CBP people. Make sure you register yourself with EAPIS, notify Customs 2 hours before landing at your first port of entry, and have valid passports for everybody on board.

  • 8 years ago

    You'll need a passport or a passport identification card. Be sure you file a DVFR flight plan and contact customs before your arrival. You might also review the FAR's regarding entry.

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