Can I use the same spacer or ventolin and flovent?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, you can use your spacer for both HFA inhalers. Here are some tips you might find helpful if you are using your spacer frequently:

    Cleaning Your Spacer:

    Take the spacer apart.

    Gently move the parts back and forth in warm water using a mild soap. Never use high-pressure or boiling hot water, rubbing alcohol or disinfectant.

    Rinse the parts well in clean water.

    Do not dry inside of the spacer with a towel as it will cause static. Instead, let the parts air dry (for example, leave them out overnight).

    Put the spacer back together.


    Only use your spacer with a pressurized inhaler, not with a dry-powder inhaler.

    Spray only one puff into a spacer at a time.

    Use your spacer as soon as you've sprayed a puff into it.

    Never let anyone else use your spacer.

    Keep your spacer away from heat sources.

    If your spacer has a valve that is damaged, or if any other part of the spacer is damaged, do not use it. The spacer will have to be replaced.

    Some spacers have a whistle. Your technique is fine if you do not hear the whistle. However, if you hear the whistle, this means you should slow your breath down.

    Check out the website below for more information. Good luck!

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